Monday, 27 September 2010

Uni Uni Uni

The Greenwich campus looked different and confused many newbies to get around the area. There were people setting up for a film shoot - the bad thing is that I do not know what film it is. Feel free to check out the place.

I went for my returners' induction session on Thursday. It didn't feel weird being back there because I was working there remember... in the same location for the Clearing period (Nine weeks in total). It was a 12pm start, which was a bonus for me because I had the opportunity to wake up late. When I got there in time... everybody I know who I haven't seen in time looked very different (you know what I mean). The session was a lecture based on what to expect really in our final year etc. Our course leader talked about degree classifications and explained other key information too. Let's be honest because the session was dry throughout. Our course leader tried introducing some jokes but they seriously weren't funny.

They only booked a small lecture room and it was packed out... WHY? Anyways, we luckily managed to get ourselves the back row seats (My mates just love the back rows). My mates find nearly everything amusing. There was a guy who sat in front of us, accidently banged his head against our row table. I did not notice anything at the time because I was LISTENING to the presentation. Even though my mate was sitting next to me, I was notified by text. Sad. Other things happened in that lecture theatre that kept them entertained too (Do not want to mention).

I have been busy this week sorting out a lot of stuff for university and others too. I had like three full days off so I had to make an effort. I just could not believe the amount of unnecessary paper stacked up in NEAT piles. All of it sent to the recycling bag. There is more to go... better get cracking on.

It has been eight weeks since I got my car. Just love my car!!! It is running smoothly so far. Just the way I like it. I was so in the mood to give my car its first ever wash because it needed some exterior cleaning - trust me... my interior is so clean. It was hard work throughout but I was in no mood to complain. It was just me cleaning the car. My parents said before hand... "It is your car and it is your responsibility... just DON'T CRASH IT". Fair enough.

That is it for now. Enjoy your week ahead.

Thanks for reading as always.

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Friday madness!

Hardly any buses were running on time (A lot of delays we experienced) this was due to the A2 being partly closed off (I think). We (3 of us) waited and waited for about 30 odd minutes for our bus, we all decided and we walked it from the Avery Hill campus to Woolwich road... yes it is the truth. That took about 2 hours... LOL - it was missions to say the least. I had to be in Cutty Sark because of my mate. He was waiting for me there, as we had to do something important afterwards. He could not stop laughing at me because of the journey I had to take.

Thanks Raz and Sumz. Without the two of you, I would have been totally hopeless... honestly.

When I finally managed to get home, my legs were not that bad to start with. Then after a few moments the pain!!! - It felt as if my legs doubled in size... wasn't nice to be honest. I do not want to go through that again... and I mean it. On the plus side... slept peacefully throughout :D.

Uni is starting very soon for us all continuing students as well as the newbies!!! Next week I got my 3rd year induction session on Thursday. The official teaching period will begin from Monday the 27th. I have to be open with you all... I am not looking forward to it (My 3rd year!). I will have to make sacrifices throughout that coming year in order to survive the ordeal, which is going to hit me so badly. I am so sure of it.

The popularity of Accounting and Finance at the University of Greenwich is really showing (BIG UP!). The calls I have had at work regarding the course is on the high. The course has so many options for you, so take advantage. It is not just maths - it has everything. It is challenging but certainly not boring... believe me. Employment routes are open for you once you graduate. You can hunt for employment in the public sector, not for profit making organisations and in public/private firms of certified or chartered accountants. Go for it!

Due to working full time for quite some time now, I have lost track of many things (do not want to go into detail). I will be working only two days next week and the two days I have off (minus the induction day) hopefully will enable me to sort everything out. It just has to be done.

Another work colleague... Davinder left us this Friday :-( All I can say is good luck in everything you do.

A lot of new students will be present in our campuses next week (I still remember my first year induction).

Enjoy your coming week people.

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Emotional times

My blog boss, Richard has left us so that he can take on the PGCE programme in order to become a secondary school teacher. I want to say thank you Rich for your hard work, which you have put into this blog project and everything you have done for me. Remember that it was YOU, Jess and Sam who convinced me to take part in this. Thanks once again and all the best. So who is my new blog boss? Make way for... UZMA!!! You have supported me throughout the time I have been here so far. Just to let you know that it is much appreciated. Thank you as always. You will be an excellent blog boss.

After the success we have had with Clearing this year... we are moving back to our main office in Avery Hill week beginning 13th September (Ahh man... got to get up early now and then there is the consistent morning public transport mayhem!). I have my car now... erm... just waiting for my satnav to be delivered.
We have been in Greenwich for about nine weeks (wow - I cannot realise how fast time has actually gone by). I have enjoyed the time at Greenwich... who wouldn't eh?

Early Clearing was a bit quiet but indeed fun - with my colleagues taking the chance to tease me. To be fair, it is and always be cool with me. I got the chance to get to know them a bit better... they are all lovely people. Quite a few have left us before hand and some missed main Clearing (A Level results day).

Main Clearing was eventful:

1. Met my new team.
2. We (whole clearing team) smashed last year's telephone record by almost 2000 calls (A Level results day).
3. My team took the most amount of calls 4 days running.
4. I won an award for best dressed boy (I hardly win anything). This was presented at the BBQ. I was stitched up for the award!!! It was jokes.
5. And loads more.

I would like to this opportunity to say a massive thank you to my Clearing team this year. Sam (Team leader), Sam B, Sam M, Saziye, Moreen, Emma, Niquel and Habibah. It has been a pleasure knowing and working with you all (Honestly... not making that up). Yes, I have to admit that it was a very different Clearing experience compared to last year. Yet it was enjoyable and I do sincerely hope that I had done my bit as senior Clearing Officer. Hope to see you all again very soon. Take care and good luck in everything you do. I am going to cry... come off it now!!! LOL.

Until next time.

Monday, 6 September 2010

Clearing nearly finished. Oooohhhhh!

Hi everyone!

I am shocked that clearing is nearly over - so soon compared to what I witnessed last year. Yes... you read right!! The schools we have at this university for example: Business, Computing and Mathematical Sciences etc have all officially closed for admissions for this September (the announcement was made on Friday). However, there are places available for our partner institutions - Bexley College, North West College etc. If you have missed out then take it to your advantage. I mean in terms of obtaining relevant work experience (voluntary would be ideal in my opinion) so that you build up on skills you current have. Possibilities are indeed endless. It is your responsibility to utilise them when the opportunity comes.
Online registration for new students starting this September took place on the 1st of this month. Eligible students should have now received their emails just to confirm their very own username and password - to complete online registration part 1. If you still have not received your email yet (please check your junk mail too). Then, feel free to call our hotline number: 0800 005 006 to see if you are eligible. We have our very own contact numbers for online registration queries. For new students it is 0800 652 1500. For continuing students it is 0208 331 8272. They are more than happy to help you. I would strongly recommend you to check this link (Information about registration): Any problems just give us a call.

The holy month of Ramadan is due to end Thursday/Friday = EID. Eid is a day of celebrations and a lot of happiness too. I have to come into work after I have prayed the compulsory Eid prayer in the morning. We all would gather early in the morning in outdoor locations or mosques to perform the Eid prayer. This consists of a sermon followed by a short congregational prayer. The day at work should not be that busy but not all is lost as I am going to have fun afterwards though - just going to enjoy my time with my family and my friends too (party!!!).

Once again, I would like to congratulate all successful applicants who have secured places this year. Well done. I would also like to say an early Eid Mubarak (traditional Muslim greeting) to my blog readers too. Enjoy your day!!!

Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Time is a Problem

The third year (my final year) of my degree is going to start very soon (just about over 4 week's time). It is 50:50 for me - this is because the third year is going to be haaaaarrrrrrrrddddddd. Seriously!!!. Yes... I would like to finish off my degree and just move on, but that comes at a price. The amount of work I will have to put for the coming year in order to do really well... oh boy do not want even to talk about it.

Registration for continuing students took place this week. I am all done. I chose my option and went for Audit and Assurance (THEORY!!!), purely because of the exemptions from the ACCA syllabus which are on offer. Basically, I have a lot of memorising to do... LOL.

I managed to download all the new handbooks, published this week, too. Now I know what to expect for the coming months. One of my courses: Current issues in financial accounting, actually has the essay title in it. I am in a dilemma now... erm... should I make a start on it??? Nah... I am busy now with unfinished business (it is all stacking up against me). I will definitely make a start on it... maybe 2 weeks before uni starts. Hopefully.

This week at work was busy to start off, with Monday and Tuesday the busiest I would say. Then, it just went dry... yes dry afterwards. I am not lying. The weather did not help either... terrible. I wasn't feeling good myself on Wednesday... I think. I felt tired throughout and I was seeing things... no jokes. I only get about 5 hours sleep or even less.

Go team SAM (my team leader)!!! For taking the most amount of calls - 4 days running!!! Woo woo... fantastic record (Keep it up people! - Just team Sam, thank you very much :-). Let us make it 5 in a row... that would make Sam a very happy man. It is a team effort by the way. We are solid as a team all round and I am not making that up. Just do not listen to the others... Sam's team all the way!!!
It was sad to see Julia, Emma and Bally leave us all this week. All three are lovely people, who I had worked with this year - it has been fun. Good luck to you all.

That is it for this week... enjoy your week ahead!!!
Take care!