Sunday, 28 November 2010

Recovery mode

I just never thought that this term could go so quickly... just a few weeks left until the Christmas holidays. I honestly have no idea where the time has gone really and it is crazy that I am almost at a point where I am behind in my work. Not happy about it. Just feeling the strain of coursework and yes, I am working hard on them but making sacrifices at the same time too.

The finance coursework is due next week Friday and the pressure is mounting. I have done majority of the work required and I have a bit left to do. So once that is fully completed, then I just move onto the other coursework for Strategic financial management. Its non-stop now and it will be for the coming weeks too.

Moving on...

I hardly get ill and I generally like it that way. Guess what? I am so ill now due to the cold weather I experienced at our last Open Day. So you can imagine my surprise (and disappointment!). I thought doing the tours will keep me warm enough... ok it wasn't in fact... it was BAD!!! I am not complaining. I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who had attended the Open Day. The turnout was really good. Going back to my illness, the cough I have is disgusting as well as the blocked nose. So I took immediate action and bought LEMSIP MAX = my best friend. Ahhh... feeling much better (Got a cup in front of me now). Ok it is not easy to work under these circumstances but hopefully I should get well soon enough to do so.

Even though I am ill, I am writing this blog up for you... clearly showing the dedication.

I obviously know that I can't beat up myself for getting ill... it's silly. This year has been busier than ever to date. It is challenging my expectations of living my life as a student. Ok... I have to admit that this year's timetable is perfect for me but the issue I have is the workload. I am so behind for the module I really enjoy and that module has a January exam. I need to act fast.

I would like to end this blog on a high note. I will have to change my approach to everything I do but I know myself and my commitments. I should assume that it should be ok for me but I am not taking anything for granted.

Take good care of yourselves! I am recovering as you all know...

Thank you.

Monday, 22 November 2010

Lectures are important!!!

So Christmas is only four weeks away and everywhere I go I see all the decorations are up. Looks really nice. The fact that Christmas is almost here reminds me that two of my coursework deadlines are looming and then there is a January exam almost here too (ok there is quite some time to go for that but time is flying). At least I know that I am on the right track with my work so far but I am going to put a big question mark on it for the up and coming weeks.

Moving on...

The week started badly because of Transport for London. The DLR was messed up big time on Monday. I was waiting so patiently at Canary Wharf then I realised that the signal time frequencies just kept going up. I was fed up and I decided to take the mission route to uni... I wasn't happy about it. When I finally got to uni, obviously I was late for my finance lecture but I still went in. When I went in, a lot more people flooded in at the same time too. The lecturer didn't complain. I was glad to be in that lecture because the content was really difficult to be honest.

I kept to my promise I have submitted my portfolio way before deadline. It wasn't just me but two of mates also submitted theirs too. The reason why we did that was purely because we wanted to focus on the two big reports coming up. One of them is due on the 3rd of December and the other one is due on the 9th of December. Therefore, the next two weeks will be tough for me. Don't worry I will try my best to keep up with my blogs and let you all know on how I get on.

EID was really fun with my cousins coming over and vice versa. On that same day, I got a parking fine for one of the stupid reasons you could imagine. I have a residential permit and that allows me to park my car for a maximum time of 3 hours in Tower Hamlets. Ok... I didn't read the sign properly and when I came back I realised that I got the ticket because I parked in the business parking bays. Luckily, my car wasn't clamped. My dad found it funny and so did my mum. I found it a bit of both really! I realised my mistake and I hope I don't do it again. So people we all know that parking is an issue for nearly all of us... read the signs properly. I know I will do that from now on.

Until next time people! Take care!

*Play Call of Duty (Black Ops)... I am so hooked onto it. I am a novice but I am doing really well at it.

Monday, 15 November 2010


Never underestimate the power of friends as they can help you when times get tough. This week my uni mates and myself have decided to work overtime in order to be on top of the workload we have. As deadlines are fast approaching for us students, we need to act fast. For my first and second year, I hardly remember ever going to the library to do work. This year I have been going there constantly because of the fact we made a commitment to work together and get the work done. So far, it is going perfectly and I do hope it stays that way.

As often as possible, I try to ignore deadlines and get the work done as soon as possible. Yes, I have to admit for some silly reason I have gone lazy this year but I do the work when it matters most. I try to work very early as it allows me to relax closer to deadlines. Sadly, for some this plan does not always work as there are such assignments given over your holidays... we have e.g. Christmas and Easter. I really like it when Christmas and Easter come by because I think of them as times to relax and not think about work at all. This time round I should think again because my third year will not let me do this. Sad.

Our University is strict when it comes to submission of coursework. Therefore, I would strongly recommend you to submit your assignments on time and not on deadline day because you will not receive any marks for it if you miss it. I refuse to submit an assignment late and lose marks... that is just a personal rule of mine. The time you will be at university hopefully, every passing deadline will indicate you are getting closer to the end. This is very similar at work, as every deadline indicates you are getting closer to retirement. I would say that this is a good thing. So embrace it, and thank the deadlines for allowing you to get closer to the goal you have. Just think about it, if there were no deadlines, there probably would not be anything for you to track your progress.

To all of you with deadlines coming up all I can say is good luck. To some of you who have missed deadlines... learn people. I hope all of you are in a comfortable position with assignments and other stuff too. Don't worry you will hopefully be able to celebrate the freedom of having nothing to do soon.

Next week on Tuesday is EID... so family fun and have a laugh with my mates and so much more!!!

I think it is enough for today. Enjoy your coming week people!!!

Thank you.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

“It’s great to be back”... LOL!!!

Ok... I didn’t go anywhere! My third year has got the better of me and for the first time I am behind on the blogs I do for you all. Please do take my apologies and I do hope that you understand my current situation. It is way too hard now as deadlines are fast approaching for me. No more excuses! I have to say that I am so proud that I have done 34 blogs without any interruptions. Come on, give me credit! Ok I will try hard keeping up with the weekly blogs. My aim now is to reach 50 blogs.

Moving on...

I submitted my initial study two days before deadline day and I think that big improvements could have been made on it to be honest. I should have spent more time but what is done is done... can’t do anything now. Just hope for the best really. By the end of this week I need to write up 4 reflection reports and hand in the hard copy of my portfolio. Is it just me or do you all agree that time is flying big time – I am feeling it big time.

Remember the futures in finance employability event I was blabbering on about on my last blog. Sad thing was that I didn’t go as I had a lot to do on that day. My uni mates didn’t go either. I do regret not going as I really wanted to have a chat with people from ACCA. Maybe next time – that is if they have one coming up.

I bought Call of Duty: Black Ops because of the fact that most of my mates have it and they forced me to get it. I haven’t played it yet... I will do when I finish up here... can’t wait. This is the first ever call of duty game I have got my hands on and I am so excited about it. I know that I will struggle so much when I play it online with my mates. So I will need plenty of practice on my own first and then surprise them. Don’t worry people I will not be that addicted to it as a lot of people are these days with previous versions. My studies always come first. This is just for fun.

That is it for now. Got to play the new game I got. Really hope it is worth it.

Thanks for reading everyone.