Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Exam timetable is up!!!

I was looking at the blogs I have done in the past and I just realised that it has been a year in which I have been doing these blogs!!! 1 year just went like that!
Moving on...

I am in front of my laptop writing my blog up for you all. Yes... it was a tiring uni week to be honest last week. Revision has officially begun and I have started my independent revision at home (not structured so far!). I also worked at the open day last Saturday (26th) and it was great because the turnout was big. The weather wasn’t all that because it was on and off (you what I mean). Therefore, my weekend was short and it just flew away... seriously!!! I lost an hour worth of sleep because the time went forward. I have to admit that I had to do a lot on Sunday but failed to address majority of them because of time.

Our exam time table was published just yesterday and it is not to my liking. The first week is going to be a killer week for me. I have my first exam is on the 10th of May and this is for SFM. This is closely followed with Finance on the 12th (see what I mean). Audit will be on the 20th and the final exam for CIMA is going to be on the 26th. I just had advice from one of my senior lecturers and what she said was logical and it is the best way to get around the first two exams.

Revision is going ok to say the least (considering I just started). I have experienced a hard year to date and there were times whereby I thought I wasn’t learning anything. I am getting there now and I hope to be ready when the exams are upon us. I have had to work under serious pressure this year which I didn’t experience in previous years. It was odd but it had worked in my favour as I have had achieved good grades for my coursework (I am still awaiting grades for 2 assignments). It is just 5 weeks left till my first exam.

Well this is the final week of term and yes it will lead towards the start of the Easter break. I plan to use this valuable break to build up my exam techniques obviously and catch up with everything. It is bound to be intense but there is nothing I can do to be honest. Obviously, I won’t be doing work 24/7 but I will look towards spending more time with friends and family.

Hope everyone enjoys the Easter break!

Monday, 14 March 2011

Time to face the real world!

Ok let’s be honest here... I have been chilling so far. I have deserved every single minute of it. I will now need to look ahead and plan effectively for the May exams. I am dreading them but all is not lost as if I prepare beforehand then it can work out the way I want it (all you have to do is just stick with it).
You feel good because there are not any deadlines to worry about anymore (one piece of advice: do not be complacent). But there are graduate job application deadlines. I am just taking my time in doing so... just picking out the ones which applies to me (for some people it is not the best approach). I am always like that and my mates know that I always do this. In saying this, I will have to act fast.

I intend to start my revision from this week... you may say that it’s too early but the reason is because the syllabus from three of my courses are ending soon (within two weeks). My course tutors always have given us advice and this was one of them: start your revision from now!!! I just follow my course tutors because they are the only people you can rely on regarding your studies. I have trusted them to an extent that things are working out the way I want it you know. I have to thank them for my development because they played a big part in it.

Obviously it is important to work hard when you are in university. But I do also think that you should have fun within your studies too. It is therefore important to incorporate both into one. I always see myself in a good mood when I approach to do anything... yes there are times whereby it’s too much to handle but I just work at my own pace. When I do leave this University... it will hit me but I do not want to look back at my time here and regret not having enough fun because I have had so much of it within these three years so far. Equally, I definitely do not want to regret not doing enough work either because I have done my absolute best to date!

I need to start thinking soon about what I want to do for the coming months ahead. I have thought about it already because it has been on my mind since I even came to Greenwich University and this is the ACCA professional qualifications. However, I was having an interesting chat with one of my senior course tutors about the ACCA professional papers. She told me that you will need to start off with one paper and gradually take steps forward to address the other papers. I was just listening to her and then I thought to myself that these papers are like 10 times harder (I would think!) than the exams we are doing now. You will need self belief and I would say that I am up for the challenge because you will have to have a good go at it.