Monday, 26 July 2010

Ok people... I know what a title to my blog - a strange one for my liking. Miss SONIA mentioned it on her latest blog. I would like to take this opportunity just to say that I am NOT a drama queen. Enough said.

First week at Greenwich:

This feud between Sonia and me started when we moved our office to the Greenwich campus from Avery hill - it has been two weeks now. She recently just got involved in the blogs we do for you all. On her first blog, she had the cheek to mention... I quote "Oh and my colleague Summi said something nasty to Ruks and he was almost in tears. Hence he hasn’t been wearing his glasses today. They’ve become wet". That was simply not the case. It was that I was not feeling well that day and Summi mentioned something that took me by surprise. I wasn't in tears. Ha ha... I will not cry over something like that.

Second week at Greenwich:

I have been working all week and I was so happy that the atmosphere (in my group especially) was so peaceful... it truly was. I just loved every single minute of it. I did not have to listen to that many words coming out from two of my fellow colleague's mouths. Sonia for the first time was quiet (well that was a first) - she was reading a book (LOL). Believe me, that was a classic moment for me. Yes, I am anticipating a lot of stick back from Sonia... she will definitely write something about me on her next blog (Just do not believe what she writes).

Ruks Shows His Claws

Moving on...
It was so nice to see all our uni graduates with their family and friends this week. Boy... I just have one year left now. This time next year... hopefully I can put a smile on my parents' faces too. My parents deserve a lot of happiness and I will do my upmost just to give that to them and plenty more. Ok... I admit I am a big softy as they all say. I have to take into account that I am on the right path because of them.

I am going to be working all week again - I do predict that it is going to be busier than this week. It should be fine.

Until next week!

Monday, 19 July 2010

One More Year Left Now!

My second year results were put up on Thursday... finally! - (A two week delay, which me and my uni mates were clearly not happy about). Anyways, I was so delighted with the results I have achieved - all that hard work (yes!!!) I put in this year... just do not know how to express it. Honestly speaking, I have done better than I originally anticipated in the exams (A big surprise). You should be all aware that I am not taking anything for granted - for my third and final year. The final year is always a killer - especially for the programme I am on. Time will obviously be flying but I shall carry on at my own pace and go beyond really. I should anticipate hurdles, which I will need to overcome in the near future - just hoping that it is not going to be that bad.

I have my first set of exemptions from the ACCA (A global body for professional accountants) syllabus. Now I need to choose the right modules and basically complete my degree so that I get the full exemptions (Nine in total). I looked at the options available for my final year along with the core modules - and I have decided to take on Audit and Assurance. I know from my elders and friends that it is just based on theory. I just have to take it on.

I am planning on a family gathering just to celebrate - well I have to do something with my mates too you know (I just cannot leave them out the picture). I told them specifically to pray for me so that I do really well and it has worked out perfectly. I have not seen some of them for quite some time - it should be great.
One of my course tutors gave us all an internet link whereby we should all apply for graduate jobs and internships (training schemes). I have registered and now I am weighing up my options. Yes, I have to take into account that it is not going to be easy getting your dream job with the recession still hanging about - well I am hoping that the recession should be ok from next year and that there are lots more opportunities for us.

Thank you for reading.

Monday, 12 July 2010

My 2nd year results have not been published yet :(

My results have not been published yet - it is killing me. I just want to know what I got. Ok, it was to be out on Tuesday but it was delayed due to a new system introduced. We were all told by our course leader that they should be up by Friday now. Still nothing (this is going nowhere). This week, I worked Tuesday to Friday and I was basically viewing my results page every 10 minutes, refreshing the page etc. Yep it is true. Afterwards, I lost interest. So what should I do? erm... wait for a bit longer - nah not anymore. My mates will call me immediately when they are available.

As you all know by now that it is early clearing and boy, it has been hectic this week. I mean it. We have taken a lot of applications already for available courses and advising prospective applicants. I am going to advise you all again - apply ASAP if you have not done so already!!!

I am so happy that we are moving over to our Greenwich campus - I just love the place. I can get up late now and it is so convenient for me - it takes me one train only. Yes, we are all anticipating that it is going to be busier over the coming weeks - as it is CLEARING. The experience of working in the clearing period is the main thing that counts for me.

World Cup:
It is going to be sad to see the world cup end after Sunday's final. We have all waited four years for it and you all footy fans how it will feels like. You all know that I am so not good at predictions. However, I am making one anyway - Holland to win the world cup (2-1). I just hope that it is a classic and not a horror show, which was witnessed by everyone at the last world cup.
Next week - working every day. I will definitely keep you updated about my results on my next blog entry (this time it should be up). Enjoy the weather and thanks for reading.

Monday, 5 July 2010

Clearing begins - good luck to you all!!!

Yes it is official - early clearing has just begun. Make the most of it fellow applicants as courses are filling up quickly. Read up on my colleague's blogs too - some who actually went through clearing themselves. They can share their clearing experience with you and give you an insight of the process. You just cannot get this information from anyone else.

Well I did not go through clearing when I got into this university, so I cannot give you that much information about the experience you could go through. All I know (from family and friends) is that it can be very stressful / enjoyable for some. Even if you fail to get in to your preferred course, you may be offered an alternative course. Well the opportunity is there for you and it is solely your decision - whether or not you want to go to university.

If you have made a decision to come to our university, then what are you waiting for people? Phone us now and apply (well you have to go through UCAS first). You can thank us all later.

All I can say about clearing is that I had a wonderful experience in taking clearing applications last year (boy it was some experience for me on A-Levels results day). I hope that it is going to be the same this year too.

World Cup:
What is happening with the world cup? Let us not even talk about England. FLOPS. Enough said. Brazil and Argentina out, wow I wasn't expecting these South American teams to lose at all - now the world cup is alive, about time too. Be honest: were you expecting that? Brazil were favourites as always throughout the competition. Holland - you just have to give them credit. I feel sorry for Ghana - bad luck. Germany - the conquerors of England, also outplayed and thrashed Argentina. At this rate, I strongly think that it should be Germany and Holland final.

My second year results will be available from Tuesday - wish me luck people. I will let you all know what I got in my next blog entry. I have a busy week ahead - working at the enquiry unit and other things too - oh yeah many weddings to attend.

Once again - good luck to all clearing applicants.