Monday, 24 May 2010

Just the one left now!!!

My last exam (Business and Company Law) is on the 24th of May. I have to answer three questions in three hours. Yes... I have kept on saying that it is just going to be theory!!! I had five days worth of revision and I just made notes and referred to cases back to back (Using flashcards). I am telling you that it is not easy revising for a course, which is purely based on theory!!! The information I read and wrote down, I found difficult to put into my head (It is the truth).
I had no background in law whatsoever but I was lucky enough to get tips and tricks from my mate who studied law in A-Level - he knows what to do. He has given me advice on how to get around case law and how to apply it into context. See you can depend on mates!!!

So what happened in my previous exam sitting?

Taxation (18th May) - I revised three days straight (an awful lot) for the two compulsory questions and a bit on the optional questions. I managed... yes managed to answer the full five questions in three hours. To be honest, the exam started really well for me as I answered the first two questions in section A within my target time. There were few problems (always are with me), which I had to deal with.

Overall, attending all revision lectures for three of my courses (no revision lecture for business and company law) have helped me so much just to prepare for the exams. Yes... it has been stressful to date and it was bound to be really. Therefore, my advice for you is to be prepared at any cost!!! (You will need to be - trust me).

So what am I going to do once my exams are officially over? - planning to focus on work and I have plans for my friends. Boy... I do need a break!!!

Monday, 17 May 2010

2 down 2 to go

I have taken two of my exams already in the same week. I have managed so far and yet there is another two more waiting for me.

I will break down what happened at the last two exam sittings:

Advanced Financial Accounting (10th May) - I was happy with the exam paper (very rare for my liking). There were only four questions, which I had to answer three only. I thoroughly revised for the three topics I was confident with because I knew from the start that it was coming up. The compulsory question on "balance sheet" and the two optional questions on "income statement" and "ratio analysis" questions were very long indeed (I totally ignored the theory question!!!). I had managed to answer all questions and I believe that I have done really well. It was not easy... especially the last question based on ratio analysis, which took me about one and a half hours to write up (I didn't expect that it would take that long... I was knackered afterwards!!!).

Management Accounting (14th May) - The questions that came up = I revised the same topics alone and with my mates - revision has slightly paid off for us. However, I was under some pressure and it got to me at the wrong moment... my mind started playing up with me while I was writing up the answer (Argh!!!). I know that I have lost significant marks... but hey, I tried my best all the way!!! (That really matters).

I have the taxation exam on Tuesday the 18th - I have revised for the two compulsory questions so far and I have still a lot to go over. Tax is no easy subject (trust me)... there is a lot to learn under income tax, corporation tax and others too. In the exam, we are going to be assessed on different areas on tax - computing on how much tax is payable/repayable by the taxpayer etc. That is why I have to be prepared and hope for the best really.

Better be off and revise for the tax exam. Thanks for reading.

Monday, 10 May 2010

No joke... first exam is 2moro (MONDAY the 10th)!!!

I cannot believe it myself that my exam is tomorrow and I am blogging away in front of my computer. See I am doing this for you lot out there!!!

Ok first question to myself: Am I fully prepared for tomorrow's exam? I am there... believing that I will be ok... do not want to speak too soon (you know what I mean). I have worked so hard with all my coursework for all modules... so why fall at the last minute. I am definitely giving my all tomorrow... if I don't then I will fail the exam - simple (I don't want that!!!). I have told all my mates and my cousins to pray for me... I know that they will - I really depend on them.
This week was just full on revision for tomorrow's exam of course and the second exam, which is on the 14th. Yes, you know me by now - the key word REVISION!!! I kept on saying revision, revision and more revision to nearly all of my blog entries (What else can I write about? - I am a student though). I am paying my tuition fees (tuition fee loan) so I better make an effort to achieve good grades - it is obvious. It will pay off in the end... you watch!!!

When you eventually get to university... you will definitely experience highs and lows of university life so take the chance when something good comes and be prepared for everything!!! That is all I can say to you. I have enjoyed moments at this university to date and I hope that it carries on.

A little word about snooker - What was John Higgins thinking?!!! Taking that bribe was shameful... News of the world has video evidence about it too. I hope that he can clear his name but it has obviously shown a bad name for the sport. Anyways, the final went ahead and it was full of mistakes - bound to happen because each player was under a lot of pressure (It was good!!!).

You all probably have exams too - all I can say is that I wish you all the very best and wish me luck for tomorrow!!!

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

1 more week to go!!!

Ok it is time to look at reality now as my first exam is only a week away. I am trying my very best not to panic because it will be disastrous for me (You wouldn’t want that to happen to you?). I have two tough exams in the first week – it does hurt when you keep mentioning this fact because I have only three days to revise hard for the next exam (We are all feeling the pressure).

This week was just revision, revision and more revision. Attended the revision lectures and tutorials for the three modules... just the one module left which is to be finished next week (WHY???). The revision lectures have been helpful to me because I had realised a lot of work is required for that particular topic and basically what not to expect in the exams.

The attendance in our uni library has increased so much that there isn’t that much space to sit and revise (Believe me... so much people!!!). It is obvious that they all have exams to prepare for as well. Anyways, me and mates decided to come in on Wednesday (usually our uni day off) just to work on past exam questions... it was a laugh too – yep it is true, we were attempting questions with little jokes kicking in... you know what I mean (you need your revision to be lively!!!).

Still watching snooker (Which I mentioned in my last blog entry)... it is getting better and better by the minute. Seriously, as we approach the final I just didn’t expect the finalists to be Graeme Dott v Neil Robertson (It is going to be a good match... hopefully). Both players have done really well - beaten the favourites to reach the finals. When the tournament finishes... I am going to miss it badly - Well then there is the world cup which is approaching fast... that is a plus point (just can’t wait – England should do well under Capello).

So I better carry on with my revision and watch a bit of snooker and football... better work hard just to get the grades I am anticipating for.