Monday, 27 June 2011

The waiting game!

Still waiting for my results but I have ordered my gown for the graduation ceremony (on 22nd of July) and the photography service too. Hopefully, the day will be memorable for me and my family. Our course leader gave us an email this week stating we should be able to view our actual results on the 4th July. Not long now but all I have to do is just wait and hope for the best really.

I have been busy preparing myself for two events which I have attended:

1) Summer graduate fair (15th June) - which took place in the Excel centre. The atmosphere was really nice... with lots of people around and I went in very early that day too. I went there just to experience how it would be like as it was my first ever visit to a graduate fair. I had an enjoyable experience with my uni mates with me as well. We were just asking questions to exhibitors and having a laugh too. I would say that Bloomberg and inspiring interns were my favourite on that day. They were really cool! The advice given was really good and obviously it is our responsibility to make those key decisions about our futures.

2) Morgan Stanley (16th June) networking event - this took place in their head office in Canary Wharf. In my own opinion, this event was the best event I have been to. I met up with professional individuals from a variety of backgrounds... finance, law etc. We all had a one to one chat (q and a session) which I found really useful because I approached them with some quick fire questions. This event was part of a mentoring scheme whereby Morgan Stanley staff will use their time to mentor us. I opted to go for this event because it was a valuable opportunity to turn down. They also showed their trading floor where they make money for their clients... it was good.

I had an experienced member of staff from Morgan Stanley who took my details and requested me to send my CV to him. He emailed me back the next day and gave me a full review of my CV and general hints and tips to succeed in the graduate market. He also pointed out that I should have a profile with LinkedIn... which I am in the process of completing. I am just thankful for his help - you simply do not get chances like this to be honest. He said he is happy to help me out even more when I need it! See, networking is important now and you will see the benefit of it when you take part.

I'll finish for now. Thanks for reading people.

Monday, 13 June 2011

Busy times ahead!

Hope everyone is well and enjoying a well earned break! Just two weeks after my final exam, it has been pretty hectic so far.

I have been spending my time applying for jobs to be honest and focusing more towards our enquiry unit. Yes... "CLEARING" is fast approaching and it is essential to be fully prepared to tackle the workload. I have been noticing so many changes around the world of work and getting your ideal job is becoming a problematic experience. There are accountancy jobs available... no question about it. For one job, regardless if it is paid or not... there are like thousands of applications. Yes... not good stats but that is what we are facing at the moment. It is important to stand out but that too is really difficult when you are competing with qualified individuals. Oh well, I am trying and I will carry on till I get something. Simply cannot give up!

My uncle who works as an accountant in the city offered to help me out a bit. He gave me an interview over the phone and advised me accordingly (pointed out my strengths/drawbacks). This was so useful. He also took my CV, improved it and gave it to me the next day... now it looks professional. He did highlight to me to call up recruitment agencies to arrange a face to face interview rather than someone seeing me as an electronic copy (CV). My uncle helped me out so much which I am so grateful for. He even told me that you will definitely experience highs and lows from now but he said to keep going and never stop.

The wedding fever has just begun! Got two of them to attend this month and there are many more in process for the next couple of months. BUSY BUSY BUSY. We got this habit whereby we (my family) attend almost every single wedding we get an invite to. However, due to demand for such venues it does make it hard for the groom/brides family to book for the right time. Now you have weddings which take place at random days and evenings which I am not a fan of. I like the normal "Sunday wedding" and a 1.30pm session.

I promised my mates to go out and have fun... and we did. The day was just full of jokes and a big munch which was mad! Even though the weather was rubbish (it was raining mostly!) and I had a terrible cold... but it was well worth it. Reason being, I got to spend a whole day just playing about with people who I respect the most. The food by the way was too good and I wanted more (normally don't do that!... it was a one off!). This is the time to have fun and I will definitely carry on.

Anyways, have fun while it lasts and take care people.