About Me!

My story so far....
Hello everyone and welcome to my blogs page - representing the University of Greenwich!!!
I hope the information here helps you get an insight into university life and that it helps you in making decisions for your future (hopefully choosing the uni of Greenwich to study your ideal course). I will try my best to ensure it is updated regularly so bear with me.

First of all, my name is Rukon and I am a second year student studying BA Hons Accounting and Finance (time’s flying to be honest). Most of my mates call me a typical university student who always attends lectures/tutorials and who does not want to get into trouble when it comes to submitting coursework on deadline day. This is completely true as I always work ahead and hardly take any risks. I forgot to mention that I got into this uni by applying through UCAS. I got the grades to study the course I really wanted to do.

My first year at this uni went really well because I got the chance to meet new people from all backgrounds and also I knew most of the key topics in modules due to the fact they were taught at college A-Level. So basically, I had an advantage. But, this is not the case this year because it is a big jump from first year. Its tougher. The modules are harder and it does require a lot of work in order to achieve good grades. Luckily, I do not have any coursework now to do because it is all done and dusted. Just the key exams left now which are going to take place in May. So, I am on the verge of starting my revision now from my first semester topics.

Second year is tough so it is advisable to have time available to just go through things at your own pace.
Some people hate attending lectures but for me I find it alright because the course I do involves a lot of problem solving and number work. I am paying tuition fees to the uni so I might as well attend and be rewarded at the end - achieving fantastic grades. It is worthwhile to attend these lectures but it is entirely up to you because no one can force you to attend, I mean no one (but for tutorials, you have to for registration purposes).