Monday, 27 December 2010

Revision mode!

It is going so well with our new flat as all of our stuff has been unpacked and been put into place as it should be. I am no interior designer but the choice I made on our new curtains is pleasing. Our cousins started coming over day after day and they all love our new place. Why shouldn't they all like it? The area is so quiet compared to our old area and with friendly new neighbours around it is cool.

I didn't get that much time for revision as I had originally hoped for, as there were my little cousins around. You know it is hard and I just gave in and started playing with them. It's hard to control the little ones as they just run around madly and it is more insane when they actually get a chance to drink a bit of Coca Cola. It just drives them nuts!!! It was fun and I enjoyed myself after a long time.

On a serious note... Uni is starting soon and an exam coming up on the 13th. Me and my uni mates decided to meet up in the uni library to revise. It was good as we had a laugh and most importantly got the work done. I must admit I have learnt a lot on the examinable areas that is bound to come up and I know practice makes perfect. I picked up key pointers (exam techniques) from one mate, which I will obviously use. I think we might go in again... should be good. I have mentioned this in my past blogs that you can get the most out of working together in small groups. Try it for yourself.

Broadband, broadband and broadband. We all need it and I just can't cope without it. I am hoping for the engineer to make our phone line active as soon as possible. The appointment is for the 31st of December and I do hope everything goes to plan.

Keep enjoying your break people!

Take care!

Monday, 20 December 2010

Sorry people!!!

I am so sorry for not writing up my weekly blogs as I had a lot to do.

As you all know we are in the process of moving to our new place. It was on Tuesday the 14th when we picked up the new set of keys, signed all the paper work and quickly jetted off to see our home again. We were so happy with our decision to accept the property. Taking into account that we have only 5 days to move in fully we just got down to business.

We were prepared which was an added benefit. One of my mates who lives next to my old property helped me shift most of our packed bags only not furniture... that's for the removal people. My family was so grateful for his contribution. The weather was fine that night but it was later during the week when the snow hit us all again! I still had bit and bobs to move to the new place and I had to drive in the snow... was scary at first because the car skid so much then I gradually got the hang of it. I generally thought the removal people will not take the risk to move our furniture (because of the weather) but they did on Sunday. Yes, the snow did play a big part in this but it didn't stop us from moving in and we did it successfully... believe me. Woo hoo!!!

It felt so nice waking up the next day in our new place because it was the start of our three week Christmas break... added bonus. However, I had a lot to do that day. I phoned up all those 0800, 0845, and 0844 company numbers on my mobile :-( to notify the change of address etc. Good thing was to know everything will be sorted out soon. Having an active phone line was required because we need our broadband soon as. Hoping these big companies will not mess about.

Taking care of all that, we all went to shop for new appliances and gadgets! We had to spend because it's a new place after all!

That was eventful for me and I do hope everyone is having a good break!

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Getting tougher and tougher

Only 1 week left until this term finishes... woo hoo!!! No time to chill as the timetable for the January exam had been published. The exam is on the 13th... not far away! That is the only module I am confident with to be honest... yes the exam will be hard but I anticipate a positive outcome. The rest (modules) are just outrageous. I wish I had the ability the correct the wrongs made in the past... if only!

The strategic financial management report was difficult and it caused me so many problems at times. It was one of the hardest weeks I had experienced in my life... it was just non-stop. Thankfully, it is done and dusted. I know that I have made silly mistakes but it's too late now... better hope for the best. I was so knackered after submitting the work then I just went to sleep.

Now, there are only two assignments left of which both are due in February. I can't wait... yeah right!!! They are going to be equally hard and the workload behind it is just unbearable. I need a break now and again!

This weekend I didn't do much in terms of work but I have been packing. This is because we will be moving within next week hopefully. We have been waiting for more than 6 weeks and we should get the keys on Tuesday! The new place isn't far away from we are living now and it's a great looking flat. Half of our stuff has been packed already which I am so happy about it. You just don't want to panic at the wrong time. So, next week will be tough for me as I will be doing most of the work and so much more. Obviously my cousins will be around me to chip in. It should be eventful and I just cannot wait.

Have a nice week everyone! Thanks for reading as always!

Monday, 6 December 2010

The snow isn't helping!

The snow was great when we were kids (primary schools etc) but I don't like it anymore because of the problems we all face.

Tuesday morning I got up for work and noticed the snow but it was minor in my area. I realised that it was bad when I was on the bus to work... with traffic and all sorts. I did manage to get into work on time but due to the heavy snow, my manager decided to let us go early that day. It was good to be fair because it gave me additional time to finish my finance coursework.

I submitted my finance coursework that very day in fact and it was a roller coaster ride. I just ended up changing figures on Microsoft Excel. Copying and pasting my number work from Excel to Word was a pain (believe me... or even try it yourself). Took me ages to sort it out and I wasn't happy about it. It was meant to be in report format and having completed a few reports in the past... I think that I have done ok (I just followed the same layout). The written part wasn't easy but it had to be done. I hope that I do get a good mark on this report because I worked so hard on it for weeks and it counts for a big chunk of the overall module.

So the finance coursework is done! Now I am doing the report on Inditex for Strategic financial management, which is due next week. This coursework causes students all sorts of problems (tutor commented on last year's students). I know that isn't encouraging news but you do learn from mistakes made from the past. The good thing is that the head lecturer had given us guidance on what to do and even provided us with an example of good work from last year... but on different company (in my opinion that report is fantastic). So, expectations are high and I will have to match that standard required. Not easy but I am trying my best.

So it is another week of intense work and no weekend for me again! Once that report is done, I should get some rest (deserved rest). Then at my own pace, move onto revision for an exam in January. I am clearly not taking any chances. I just want to do well as it is my final year.

I will finish this blog for this week! It is icy outside so be very careful.

Thank you!

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Recovery mode

I just never thought that this term could go so quickly... just a few weeks left until the Christmas holidays. I honestly have no idea where the time has gone really and it is crazy that I am almost at a point where I am behind in my work. Not happy about it. Just feeling the strain of coursework and yes, I am working hard on them but making sacrifices at the same time too.

The finance coursework is due next week Friday and the pressure is mounting. I have done majority of the work required and I have a bit left to do. So once that is fully completed, then I just move onto the other coursework for Strategic financial management. Its non-stop now and it will be for the coming weeks too.

Moving on...

I hardly get ill and I generally like it that way. Guess what? I am so ill now due to the cold weather I experienced at our last Open Day. So you can imagine my surprise (and disappointment!). I thought doing the tours will keep me warm enough... ok it wasn't in fact... it was BAD!!! I am not complaining. I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who had attended the Open Day. The turnout was really good. Going back to my illness, the cough I have is disgusting as well as the blocked nose. So I took immediate action and bought LEMSIP MAX = my best friend. Ahhh... feeling much better (Got a cup in front of me now). Ok it is not easy to work under these circumstances but hopefully I should get well soon enough to do so.

Even though I am ill, I am writing this blog up for you... clearly showing the dedication.

I obviously know that I can't beat up myself for getting ill... it's silly. This year has been busier than ever to date. It is challenging my expectations of living my life as a student. Ok... I have to admit that this year's timetable is perfect for me but the issue I have is the workload. I am so behind for the module I really enjoy and that module has a January exam. I need to act fast.

I would like to end this blog on a high note. I will have to change my approach to everything I do but I know myself and my commitments. I should assume that it should be ok for me but I am not taking anything for granted.

Take good care of yourselves! I am recovering as you all know...

Thank you.

Monday, 22 November 2010

Lectures are important!!!

So Christmas is only four weeks away and everywhere I go I see all the decorations are up. Looks really nice. The fact that Christmas is almost here reminds me that two of my coursework deadlines are looming and then there is a January exam almost here too (ok there is quite some time to go for that but time is flying). At least I know that I am on the right track with my work so far but I am going to put a big question mark on it for the up and coming weeks.

Moving on...

The week started badly because of Transport for London. The DLR was messed up big time on Monday. I was waiting so patiently at Canary Wharf then I realised that the signal time frequencies just kept going up. I was fed up and I decided to take the mission route to uni... I wasn't happy about it. When I finally got to uni, obviously I was late for my finance lecture but I still went in. When I went in, a lot more people flooded in at the same time too. The lecturer didn't complain. I was glad to be in that lecture because the content was really difficult to be honest.

I kept to my promise I have submitted my portfolio way before deadline. It wasn't just me but two of mates also submitted theirs too. The reason why we did that was purely because we wanted to focus on the two big reports coming up. One of them is due on the 3rd of December and the other one is due on the 9th of December. Therefore, the next two weeks will be tough for me. Don't worry I will try my best to keep up with my blogs and let you all know on how I get on.

EID was really fun with my cousins coming over and vice versa. On that same day, I got a parking fine for one of the stupid reasons you could imagine. I have a residential permit and that allows me to park my car for a maximum time of 3 hours in Tower Hamlets. Ok... I didn't read the sign properly and when I came back I realised that I got the ticket because I parked in the business parking bays. Luckily, my car wasn't clamped. My dad found it funny and so did my mum. I found it a bit of both really! I realised my mistake and I hope I don't do it again. So people we all know that parking is an issue for nearly all of us... read the signs properly. I know I will do that from now on.

Until next time people! Take care!

*Play Call of Duty (Black Ops)... I am so hooked onto it. I am a novice but I am doing really well at it.

Monday, 15 November 2010


Never underestimate the power of friends as they can help you when times get tough. This week my uni mates and myself have decided to work overtime in order to be on top of the workload we have. As deadlines are fast approaching for us students, we need to act fast. For my first and second year, I hardly remember ever going to the library to do work. This year I have been going there constantly because of the fact we made a commitment to work together and get the work done. So far, it is going perfectly and I do hope it stays that way.

As often as possible, I try to ignore deadlines and get the work done as soon as possible. Yes, I have to admit for some silly reason I have gone lazy this year but I do the work when it matters most. I try to work very early as it allows me to relax closer to deadlines. Sadly, for some this plan does not always work as there are such assignments given over your holidays... we have e.g. Christmas and Easter. I really like it when Christmas and Easter come by because I think of them as times to relax and not think about work at all. This time round I should think again because my third year will not let me do this. Sad.

Our University is strict when it comes to submission of coursework. Therefore, I would strongly recommend you to submit your assignments on time and not on deadline day because you will not receive any marks for it if you miss it. I refuse to submit an assignment late and lose marks... that is just a personal rule of mine. The time you will be at university hopefully, every passing deadline will indicate you are getting closer to the end. This is very similar at work, as every deadline indicates you are getting closer to retirement. I would say that this is a good thing. So embrace it, and thank the deadlines for allowing you to get closer to the goal you have. Just think about it, if there were no deadlines, there probably would not be anything for you to track your progress.

To all of you with deadlines coming up all I can say is good luck. To some of you who have missed deadlines... learn people. I hope all of you are in a comfortable position with assignments and other stuff too. Don't worry you will hopefully be able to celebrate the freedom of having nothing to do soon.

Next week on Tuesday is EID... so family fun and have a laugh with my mates and so much more!!!

I think it is enough for today. Enjoy your coming week people!!!

Thank you.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

“It’s great to be back”... LOL!!!

Ok... I didn’t go anywhere! My third year has got the better of me and for the first time I am behind on the blogs I do for you all. Please do take my apologies and I do hope that you understand my current situation. It is way too hard now as deadlines are fast approaching for me. No more excuses! I have to say that I am so proud that I have done 34 blogs without any interruptions. Come on, give me credit! Ok I will try hard keeping up with the weekly blogs. My aim now is to reach 50 blogs.

Moving on...

I submitted my initial study two days before deadline day and I think that big improvements could have been made on it to be honest. I should have spent more time but what is done is done... can’t do anything now. Just hope for the best really. By the end of this week I need to write up 4 reflection reports and hand in the hard copy of my portfolio. Is it just me or do you all agree that time is flying big time – I am feeling it big time.

Remember the futures in finance employability event I was blabbering on about on my last blog. Sad thing was that I didn’t go as I had a lot to do on that day. My uni mates didn’t go either. I do regret not going as I really wanted to have a chat with people from ACCA. Maybe next time – that is if they have one coming up.

I bought Call of Duty: Black Ops because of the fact that most of my mates have it and they forced me to get it. I haven’t played it yet... I will do when I finish up here... can’t wait. This is the first ever call of duty game I have got my hands on and I am so excited about it. I know that I will struggle so much when I play it online with my mates. So I will need plenty of practice on my own first and then surprise them. Don’t worry people I will not be that addicted to it as a lot of people are these days with previous versions. My studies always come first. This is just for fun.

That is it for now. Got to play the new game I got. Really hope it is worth it.

Thanks for reading everyone.

Monday, 25 October 2010

Future in Finance Employability Event

The Guidance & Employability Team (GET) gave a presentation in my finance lecture on Monday. This was for the forthcoming Future in Finance employability event. This event is a very rare opportunity for us to meet and talk to managers from Barclays, HSBC, IBM, Royal Mail, Northern Trust, and Investec Asset Management who currently work in accounting and finance jobs. Managers from professional bodies such as ACCA, CIMA and CIPFA will also be there to give advice on professional qualifications and how these can help us in our chosen careers. That is so ideal for me!

In preparation for this event, the GET team run series of workshops to help us students develop and improve our CV. This service runs occasionally - they have drop in sessions and it is on a first come first serve basis. They mentioned in the presentation that this would help us to focus on our strengths and encourage us to think about the areas of accounting and finance that we are most suited to before meeting managers who currently work in these areas.

I am definitely interested in going but have a lot on... A LOT!!! I need to think quickly or otherwise a good opportunity will go begging.

My third year experience to date is not at the level of what I had experienced in my second year simply because there is so much work to do (it is just constant). In truth, I neglected as you know a lot of theory work in my second year and I would say that I got away with it by memorising most of the key points... no jokes. I seriously do not think that I can maintain that approach this year. The best advice I can give to you all is to work out what works well for you. In other words, do you like working with numbers? Do you like theory? Etc. Once you know what suits you best then you can go for your ideal course. I know that it will be hard picking out the right course because you may have to deal with both (as I am currently experiencing). Definitely read the opinions of past and current students that are on your preferred program of study. Read our blogs people!

That is it for now! Enjoy your coming week people!

Thank you!

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

1 down... so many to go!

First thing:

Our group presentation took place this week and we did extremely well. Seriously, I am not making it up. Our tutor as well as our whole class praised us. We have set the standard now for the others to beat... obviously, I would expect them to do it but it will be extra work for them. I will admit that I was nervous at start but it was cool afterwards. After the presentation, we had individual feedback and it was encouraging news for all of us. We then had the questions to finish the session. Our tutor honestly thought that we had plenty of practice. However, we practiced only ONCE and that was the day before. I would therefore advise you not to take that approach. Luck was on our side that day.
That is one down... finally! It is good news for us but for me personally... I am not going to take anything for granted. I still haven't started on my initial study yet. I will make a start on it after I finish up on this blog... that is a promise. It just keeps on coming! The finance coursework is to be given to us on Monday... cannot wait... yeah right! LOL. What else can I do... nothing but weep.

Moving on...

Our open day took place this week (Saturday). The turnout was immense... thanks to everyone who attended. Hope you all enjoyed your visit. Yes, it was busy but time was flying big time I would say. Our group was responsible for campus and accommodation tours. A lot of people opted for accommodation tours rather than campus... I found it weird but it was fun doing the tours. I met many people who were interested to apply for my same course. I just gave them advice and my experiences to date.

If you have missed it (the open day... of course), do not worry because we have more open days throughout the year. The next one will take place on Saturday 27th November. In general, I would strongly recommend you to attend these events because it is not just about tours and stuff but you get the chance to meet course tutors and academics who will give you advice.

Until next week people.

Thank you as always!

Monday, 11 October 2010

Too tired!

It has been exactly two weeks in uni so far and I am completely knackered already.

This week was busy busy busy for us. The pressure is creeping up, as we have to deliver a presentation next week. We have done a lot of work in terms of research and we have done so much more which is good news but the only problem is that we are finding it hard to break down large chunks of information to fit into about twelve slides - that is tough. Obviously, we have a lot of talking to do but then again we have to take into account of the time (20 minute duration). We already know which area we will be covering but it is all about having the end product.

As the presentation is based on a real life company (Inditex Group - so... store brands e.g. Zara, Pull and Bear, Massimo Dutti etc) - we simply cannot afford to make stuff up on the day. Our tutor will obviously suss it out... LOL. Do not worry people we do not intend to do something like that. Who would eh? Even our tutor said that we are bound to make mistakes. We simply cannot afford to make silly ones!

There is more that I have to do (coursework!) which I had mentioned in my last blog. Can I actually work under pressure over and over again? Only time will tell.

This is for your information: once you are a university student, you will come across working in groups to deliver presentations and complete other forms of assignments etc. There maybe times where you get to pick your own groups or your tutors will pick them for you. I know it is hard working with people you do not know... I still remember my first year (I had a silent partner too... chaos!). However, there are good things that come out of group work. You will get to know more people and realise their strengths and weaknesses - you end up learning from others.

You will experience the ups and downs of working in groups... just take it to your advantage. The key thing to remember is that it is a team effort all the way! Therefore, no one man soldier antics. If you take that approach then you will not get far.

That it is for now people. Enjoy your coming week!

Thank you all.

Monday, 4 October 2010

A tough start!!! Please help me!!!

Yes the title for this blog entry is fully justified. So this week university started and boy we are all dooooomed. As I have mentioned so many times before that this final year is going to kill me. There is no room to be chilling about – no more pool in the SU and other stuff too. I am serious. I have to admit and say that this first week I had witnessed was really bad. The first and second year students can get away with at least two to three weeks off doing nothing – not for this year though. Ahhh man!!!

The sad thing is that I have to submit all of this (below) before December:

1. Finance: Financial report

2. Current issues in financial accounting: Initial study

3. Strategic financial management: Business report + portfolio

Hard times!!!

Ah man... we (a group of five) have to do a presentation in less than TWO WEEKS time. This is for strategic financial management. As we are the first group to present one topic out of six, we seriously need to set a standard for the other groups to beat. That is not going to be easy. We volunteered to do the first presentation because we just wanted to get it over and done with. Time is the only problem here and we need to just have the belief that we can pull it off. Boy if we can deliver a strong presentation, we can build on that because it is going to help immensely on the report we have to do afterwards (it is all linked). I am currently doing my research now and bringing ideas for the presentation. We just have to be on track at all times.

I start term time work next week Tuesday. This is the case for me... I work one Tuesday and I miss the next Tuesday. Only twice a month. I would say that this is ideal for me because of the workload from uni studies coming up. The Tuesday that I am free, I have made commitments to go into uni and work my socks off. Please say that I stick to that valuable commitment.

I wasn’t working this week and I have missed to say my final goodbyes to two of my colleagues who left this week. Nikki and Summi. Nice people. I have learnt a lot from them in terms of work and other stuff too (they know what I am talking about). Thank you. It has been a pleasure working with you both and all I can say is that I wish you all the very best in life.

That is it for now. Got a lot of work to do.

Thanks for reading everyone.

Monday, 27 September 2010

Uni Uni Uni

The Greenwich campus looked different and confused many newbies to get around the area. There were people setting up for a film shoot - the bad thing is that I do not know what film it is. Feel free to check out the place.

I went for my returners' induction session on Thursday. It didn't feel weird being back there because I was working there remember... in the same location for the Clearing period (Nine weeks in total). It was a 12pm start, which was a bonus for me because I had the opportunity to wake up late. When I got there in time... everybody I know who I haven't seen in time looked very different (you know what I mean). The session was a lecture based on what to expect really in our final year etc. Our course leader talked about degree classifications and explained other key information too. Let's be honest because the session was dry throughout. Our course leader tried introducing some jokes but they seriously weren't funny.

They only booked a small lecture room and it was packed out... WHY? Anyways, we luckily managed to get ourselves the back row seats (My mates just love the back rows). My mates find nearly everything amusing. There was a guy who sat in front of us, accidently banged his head against our row table. I did not notice anything at the time because I was LISTENING to the presentation. Even though my mate was sitting next to me, I was notified by text. Sad. Other things happened in that lecture theatre that kept them entertained too (Do not want to mention).

I have been busy this week sorting out a lot of stuff for university and others too. I had like three full days off so I had to make an effort. I just could not believe the amount of unnecessary paper stacked up in NEAT piles. All of it sent to the recycling bag. There is more to go... better get cracking on.

It has been eight weeks since I got my car. Just love my car!!! It is running smoothly so far. Just the way I like it. I was so in the mood to give my car its first ever wash because it needed some exterior cleaning - trust me... my interior is so clean. It was hard work throughout but I was in no mood to complain. It was just me cleaning the car. My parents said before hand... "It is your car and it is your responsibility... just DON'T CRASH IT". Fair enough.

That is it for now. Enjoy your week ahead.

Thanks for reading as always.

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Friday madness!

Hardly any buses were running on time (A lot of delays we experienced) this was due to the A2 being partly closed off (I think). We (3 of us) waited and waited for about 30 odd minutes for our bus, we all decided and we walked it from the Avery Hill campus to Woolwich road... yes it is the truth. That took about 2 hours... LOL - it was missions to say the least. I had to be in Cutty Sark because of my mate. He was waiting for me there, as we had to do something important afterwards. He could not stop laughing at me because of the journey I had to take.

Thanks Raz and Sumz. Without the two of you, I would have been totally hopeless... honestly.

When I finally managed to get home, my legs were not that bad to start with. Then after a few moments the pain!!! - It felt as if my legs doubled in size... wasn't nice to be honest. I do not want to go through that again... and I mean it. On the plus side... slept peacefully throughout :D.

Uni is starting very soon for us all continuing students as well as the newbies!!! Next week I got my 3rd year induction session on Thursday. The official teaching period will begin from Monday the 27th. I have to be open with you all... I am not looking forward to it (My 3rd year!). I will have to make sacrifices throughout that coming year in order to survive the ordeal, which is going to hit me so badly. I am so sure of it.

The popularity of Accounting and Finance at the University of Greenwich is really showing (BIG UP!). The calls I have had at work regarding the course is on the high. The course has so many options for you, so take advantage. It is not just maths - it has everything. It is challenging but certainly not boring... believe me. Employment routes are open for you once you graduate. You can hunt for employment in the public sector, not for profit making organisations and in public/private firms of certified or chartered accountants. Go for it!

Due to working full time for quite some time now, I have lost track of many things (do not want to go into detail). I will be working only two days next week and the two days I have off (minus the induction day) hopefully will enable me to sort everything out. It just has to be done.

Another work colleague... Davinder left us this Friday :-( All I can say is good luck in everything you do.

A lot of new students will be present in our campuses next week (I still remember my first year induction).

Enjoy your coming week people.

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Emotional times

My blog boss, Richard has left us so that he can take on the PGCE programme in order to become a secondary school teacher. I want to say thank you Rich for your hard work, which you have put into this blog project and everything you have done for me. Remember that it was YOU, Jess and Sam who convinced me to take part in this. Thanks once again and all the best. So who is my new blog boss? Make way for... UZMA!!! You have supported me throughout the time I have been here so far. Just to let you know that it is much appreciated. Thank you as always. You will be an excellent blog boss.

After the success we have had with Clearing this year... we are moving back to our main office in Avery Hill week beginning 13th September (Ahh man... got to get up early now and then there is the consistent morning public transport mayhem!). I have my car now... erm... just waiting for my satnav to be delivered.
We have been in Greenwich for about nine weeks (wow - I cannot realise how fast time has actually gone by). I have enjoyed the time at Greenwich... who wouldn't eh?

Early Clearing was a bit quiet but indeed fun - with my colleagues taking the chance to tease me. To be fair, it is and always be cool with me. I got the chance to get to know them a bit better... they are all lovely people. Quite a few have left us before hand and some missed main Clearing (A Level results day).

Main Clearing was eventful:

1. Met my new team.
2. We (whole clearing team) smashed last year's telephone record by almost 2000 calls (A Level results day).
3. My team took the most amount of calls 4 days running.
4. I won an award for best dressed boy (I hardly win anything). This was presented at the BBQ. I was stitched up for the award!!! It was jokes.
5. And loads more.

I would like to this opportunity to say a massive thank you to my Clearing team this year. Sam (Team leader), Sam B, Sam M, Saziye, Moreen, Emma, Niquel and Habibah. It has been a pleasure knowing and working with you all (Honestly... not making that up). Yes, I have to admit that it was a very different Clearing experience compared to last year. Yet it was enjoyable and I do sincerely hope that I had done my bit as senior Clearing Officer. Hope to see you all again very soon. Take care and good luck in everything you do. I am going to cry... come off it now!!! LOL.

Until next time.

Monday, 6 September 2010

Clearing nearly finished. Oooohhhhh!

Hi everyone!

I am shocked that clearing is nearly over - so soon compared to what I witnessed last year. Yes... you read right!! The schools we have at this university for example: Business, Computing and Mathematical Sciences etc have all officially closed for admissions for this September (the announcement was made on Friday). However, there are places available for our partner institutions - Bexley College, North West College etc. If you have missed out then take it to your advantage. I mean in terms of obtaining relevant work experience (voluntary would be ideal in my opinion) so that you build up on skills you current have. Possibilities are indeed endless. It is your responsibility to utilise them when the opportunity comes.
Online registration for new students starting this September took place on the 1st of this month. Eligible students should have now received their emails just to confirm their very own username and password - to complete online registration part 1. If you still have not received your email yet (please check your junk mail too). Then, feel free to call our hotline number: 0800 005 006 to see if you are eligible. We have our very own contact numbers for online registration queries. For new students it is 0800 652 1500. For continuing students it is 0208 331 8272. They are more than happy to help you. I would strongly recommend you to check this link (Information about registration): Any problems just give us a call.

The holy month of Ramadan is due to end Thursday/Friday = EID. Eid is a day of celebrations and a lot of happiness too. I have to come into work after I have prayed the compulsory Eid prayer in the morning. We all would gather early in the morning in outdoor locations or mosques to perform the Eid prayer. This consists of a sermon followed by a short congregational prayer. The day at work should not be that busy but not all is lost as I am going to have fun afterwards though - just going to enjoy my time with my family and my friends too (party!!!).

Once again, I would like to congratulate all successful applicants who have secured places this year. Well done. I would also like to say an early Eid Mubarak (traditional Muslim greeting) to my blog readers too. Enjoy your day!!!

Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Time is a Problem

The third year (my final year) of my degree is going to start very soon (just about over 4 week's time). It is 50:50 for me - this is because the third year is going to be haaaaarrrrrrrrddddddd. Seriously!!!. Yes... I would like to finish off my degree and just move on, but that comes at a price. The amount of work I will have to put for the coming year in order to do really well... oh boy do not want even to talk about it.

Registration for continuing students took place this week. I am all done. I chose my option and went for Audit and Assurance (THEORY!!!), purely because of the exemptions from the ACCA syllabus which are on offer. Basically, I have a lot of memorising to do... LOL.

I managed to download all the new handbooks, published this week, too. Now I know what to expect for the coming months. One of my courses: Current issues in financial accounting, actually has the essay title in it. I am in a dilemma now... erm... should I make a start on it??? Nah... I am busy now with unfinished business (it is all stacking up against me). I will definitely make a start on it... maybe 2 weeks before uni starts. Hopefully.

This week at work was busy to start off, with Monday and Tuesday the busiest I would say. Then, it just went dry... yes dry afterwards. I am not lying. The weather did not help either... terrible. I wasn't feeling good myself on Wednesday... I think. I felt tired throughout and I was seeing things... no jokes. I only get about 5 hours sleep or even less.

Go team SAM (my team leader)!!! For taking the most amount of calls - 4 days running!!! Woo woo... fantastic record (Keep it up people! - Just team Sam, thank you very much :-). Let us make it 5 in a row... that would make Sam a very happy man. It is a team effort by the way. We are solid as a team all round and I am not making that up. Just do not listen to the others... Sam's team all the way!!!
It was sad to see Julia, Emma and Bally leave us all this week. All three are lovely people, who I had worked with this year - it has been fun. Good luck to you all.

That is it for this week... enjoy your week ahead!!!
Take care!

Monday, 23 August 2010

Results Day! Well Done Team!

That is a nice milestone for me. What else can I say? Blog entries on a week in week out basis... that is not bad.

Moving on...

Blimey what a week it was for us at work:

Main clearing was on Thursday (in other words: A Level results day) and believe me it was a hectic day in which we all smashed last year's record on the total calls we answered. So well done everyone =D. Time was flying big time that day, it was bound to because we were just on the phones all day... nonstop!!!. Anyways, it was another day to remember because for me it is all about the experience you gain from something big. Loved it - the atmosphere was so lively.

I am so happy to be part of an excellent team for clearing this year (the new recruits). They are all lovely people. I am so proud of them because we all have done really well on results day itself. I have to give them extra credit because they have learnt so much in space of three days (wow!). I believe that I have done my bit just to help them fit in and I will carry on showing my support throughout.

People!!! There are places still available for you to apply for through CLEARING. Please do not miss out or you may regret it later. Just have your clearing reference number (CRN) and your personal ID number (PIN) from UCAS to hand and then give us a call. Please visit: [], which has information about clearing (obviously!) and tips/advice on how to apply.

I have to say this. Congratulations to everyone who has secured places this year through clearing. All the very best in your studies. Believe me, you have made the right decision in choosing us. Your three years should be fun!!!

I am in so much pain at this current moment and I am feeling under the weather. Not good at all. When I finish here meaning - this blog, I am going to try to sleep it off. That should help.
Until next time.

Monday, 16 August 2010

Results day on Thursday!!!

I just cannot believe that this is my 24th blog - just one more to reveal the 25th milestone. I am pleased with myself. Well I am doing all of this for you people out there. Once again, credit goes to Richard and my manager who told me to participate in this - exactly 24 weeks ago.

Work is now getting busier - no jokes. Next week (week beginning the 16th) is going to be the busiest to date. That is a fact. Reason being - A Level results day is on the 19th.

All I can say is good luck to everyone who is awaiting A-Level results on Thursday. Just do not worry because you will do fine. Have self-belief (yes... very important!). I was in that position two years ago - I walked in to my college and I was waiting and waiting in a queue just to pick up my results. I opened the envelope and seen my results and realised that I passed my A Levels!!! :-). I rushed home to announce the good news and quickly accepted my place on UCAS TRACK. Easy.

Therefore, for most of you, it will be the same procedure and I do hope it is. If not and you have been put in directly as a UCAS clearing applicant, call us on that day to apply for a course. Our hotline number is so easy to memorise (0800 005 006). Please do read my colleague's blogs too because they are packed with essential information about clearing for you to take advantage of.

Our new recruit of clearing officers will be starting next week (training). There are things that I will need to do in order for them to settle down:

1. Introduce myself (obviously).
2. Get to know everybody's names in my work bay (I am good with names).
3. What else? I need to start thinking quick. It will come when they actually start.

As you all know that it is the month of Ramadan. It is going good so far to be honest. What else can I say? I am committed that's all. Have you all tried to fast at least once?

That is enough for now. Once again, good luck to all of you who are awaiting results on Thursday.

Take care.

Monday, 9 August 2010

It is time to cruise!!!

First, I wanted to say a big thank you to my team leader - Richard for putting up that picture on my last blog entry (He did it without my consent :-( you may remember the cat picture too). The guy (the guy on the picture... of course) does not even look like me, as for the car - it actually brings back memories of BACK TO THE FUTURE films. Come on Rich you can do better than that.

Challenge accepted, Ruks ;)

Anyways, I am a very happy boy indeed. I finally got the keys to my car on Saturday :-) I just could not wait to drive it. I was waiting and waiting and my dad gave the go-ahead and I took it out for a ride at night. Considering I had never driven late night before - I was driving my car for quite some time. Boy... the road was mine and it was a completely different experience (driving the car). It was worth it!!!

My mates do not even know that I have bought my first car... I kept everything in secret. First things first, when I finish up on this blog for you all out there I am going to surprise them. Before I do get carried away, lets end this chat about my car.

It is still clearing people!!! Courses are there for you grab ASAP. We (us bloggers and our enquiry unit team) are advising you to apply quickly because places are filling up at lightning speed (well that is too dramatic - you clearly know what I mean). Please call us (the number is on this paragraph - in bold) if you need help on general queries - we are here and are happy to help. Time is flying for the 2010 session. If you are looking to enrol for our September 2011 intake, please feel free to call us on 0800 005 006 to request a prospectus or otherwise pop in to our Greenwich campus (Queen Mary building - reception) to pick up a copy.

Yep you guessed it - I am working every day next week. Ramadan also starts next week and I believe it is on Wednesday. I just cannot wait... seriously!!! The first day is always the hardest and when you get past the first day, it gets easier honestly (we are experienced you know). I would say for you to fast for a day at least. Trust me it is not that bad.

Until next time, take care people!!!

Monday, 2 August 2010

My First Car

Time is flying everywhere (seriously!) even at work... a big surprise. This holiday period that we all have is nearly finishing :-(. I just cannot think about my next academic year because of what a killer year it is going to turn out for us.

Work has been relatively busy but not that busy (you know what I mean). As I have said before in my previous blogs - I am enjoying my time at work at the moment. I am not having a blast again... my colleagues were very nice to me this week (LOL). There were jokes and more jokes here and there but I did not react that badly (Like I have said before... I am a softy). Just hoping that next week will be the same too - or will it? Time will tell.


Three of my colleagues and myself have been chosen to do a presentation for the newly recruited clearing officers. It is scheduled for the 17th of August - which is going to be the 7th day of Ramadan, I think. I just hope that I will not cry out for a drink of water halfway through the presentation. This presentation should be good and I will to my upmost try to be fully prepared for it. I admit... presentations are still not my strong point. Working for this university has given me a lot, which, I have learnt a great deal from. By doing events and having attended training sessions, I have built up confidence in presentations and other areas too. I do need to work on other areas as well so that I am fully confident in the work I do.

GOOD NEWS!!! My dad has put a deposit on my very first car. I have paid for the insurance and I have to apply for the permits for parking. When that is all done... my uncle is going to pick it up for me by Thursday next week. I am so happy. What else can a boy ask for? I have waited for quite some time for this very moment. I am so grateful to my parents and a great deal of credit goes to my uncle for his hard work in picking out the right car for me. I'll let you all know more on my next blog.

A Rukon Lookalike with his first car! Plush!
Oh yeah... people I watched The Karate Kid with my family and we all thoroughly enjoyed it. I would strongly recommend you all watch it too. I had to give that recommendation.

Until next week!

Monday, 26 July 2010

Ok people... I know what a title to my blog - a strange one for my liking. Miss SONIA mentioned it on her latest blog. I would like to take this opportunity just to say that I am NOT a drama queen. Enough said.

First week at Greenwich:

This feud between Sonia and me started when we moved our office to the Greenwich campus from Avery hill - it has been two weeks now. She recently just got involved in the blogs we do for you all. On her first blog, she had the cheek to mention... I quote "Oh and my colleague Summi said something nasty to Ruks and he was almost in tears. Hence he hasn’t been wearing his glasses today. They’ve become wet". That was simply not the case. It was that I was not feeling well that day and Summi mentioned something that took me by surprise. I wasn't in tears. Ha ha... I will not cry over something like that.

Second week at Greenwich:

I have been working all week and I was so happy that the atmosphere (in my group especially) was so peaceful... it truly was. I just loved every single minute of it. I did not have to listen to that many words coming out from two of my fellow colleague's mouths. Sonia for the first time was quiet (well that was a first) - she was reading a book (LOL). Believe me, that was a classic moment for me. Yes, I am anticipating a lot of stick back from Sonia... she will definitely write something about me on her next blog (Just do not believe what she writes).

Ruks Shows His Claws

Moving on...
It was so nice to see all our uni graduates with their family and friends this week. Boy... I just have one year left now. This time next year... hopefully I can put a smile on my parents' faces too. My parents deserve a lot of happiness and I will do my upmost just to give that to them and plenty more. Ok... I admit I am a big softy as they all say. I have to take into account that I am on the right path because of them.

I am going to be working all week again - I do predict that it is going to be busier than this week. It should be fine.

Until next week!

Monday, 19 July 2010

One More Year Left Now!

My second year results were put up on Thursday... finally! - (A two week delay, which me and my uni mates were clearly not happy about). Anyways, I was so delighted with the results I have achieved - all that hard work (yes!!!) I put in this year... just do not know how to express it. Honestly speaking, I have done better than I originally anticipated in the exams (A big surprise). You should be all aware that I am not taking anything for granted - for my third and final year. The final year is always a killer - especially for the programme I am on. Time will obviously be flying but I shall carry on at my own pace and go beyond really. I should anticipate hurdles, which I will need to overcome in the near future - just hoping that it is not going to be that bad.

I have my first set of exemptions from the ACCA (A global body for professional accountants) syllabus. Now I need to choose the right modules and basically complete my degree so that I get the full exemptions (Nine in total). I looked at the options available for my final year along with the core modules - and I have decided to take on Audit and Assurance. I know from my elders and friends that it is just based on theory. I just have to take it on.

I am planning on a family gathering just to celebrate - well I have to do something with my mates too you know (I just cannot leave them out the picture). I told them specifically to pray for me so that I do really well and it has worked out perfectly. I have not seen some of them for quite some time - it should be great.
One of my course tutors gave us all an internet link whereby we should all apply for graduate jobs and internships (training schemes). I have registered and now I am weighing up my options. Yes, I have to take into account that it is not going to be easy getting your dream job with the recession still hanging about - well I am hoping that the recession should be ok from next year and that there are lots more opportunities for us.

Thank you for reading.

Monday, 12 July 2010

My 2nd year results have not been published yet :(

My results have not been published yet - it is killing me. I just want to know what I got. Ok, it was to be out on Tuesday but it was delayed due to a new system introduced. We were all told by our course leader that they should be up by Friday now. Still nothing (this is going nowhere). This week, I worked Tuesday to Friday and I was basically viewing my results page every 10 minutes, refreshing the page etc. Yep it is true. Afterwards, I lost interest. So what should I do? erm... wait for a bit longer - nah not anymore. My mates will call me immediately when they are available.

As you all know by now that it is early clearing and boy, it has been hectic this week. I mean it. We have taken a lot of applications already for available courses and advising prospective applicants. I am going to advise you all again - apply ASAP if you have not done so already!!!

I am so happy that we are moving over to our Greenwich campus - I just love the place. I can get up late now and it is so convenient for me - it takes me one train only. Yes, we are all anticipating that it is going to be busier over the coming weeks - as it is CLEARING. The experience of working in the clearing period is the main thing that counts for me.

World Cup:
It is going to be sad to see the world cup end after Sunday's final. We have all waited four years for it and you all footy fans how it will feels like. You all know that I am so not good at predictions. However, I am making one anyway - Holland to win the world cup (2-1). I just hope that it is a classic and not a horror show, which was witnessed by everyone at the last world cup.
Next week - working every day. I will definitely keep you updated about my results on my next blog entry (this time it should be up). Enjoy the weather and thanks for reading.

Monday, 5 July 2010

Clearing begins - good luck to you all!!!

Yes it is official - early clearing has just begun. Make the most of it fellow applicants as courses are filling up quickly. Read up on my colleague's blogs too - some who actually went through clearing themselves. They can share their clearing experience with you and give you an insight of the process. You just cannot get this information from anyone else.

Well I did not go through clearing when I got into this university, so I cannot give you that much information about the experience you could go through. All I know (from family and friends) is that it can be very stressful / enjoyable for some. Even if you fail to get in to your preferred course, you may be offered an alternative course. Well the opportunity is there for you and it is solely your decision - whether or not you want to go to university.

If you have made a decision to come to our university, then what are you waiting for people? Phone us now and apply (well you have to go through UCAS first). You can thank us all later.

All I can say about clearing is that I had a wonderful experience in taking clearing applications last year (boy it was some experience for me on A-Levels results day). I hope that it is going to be the same this year too.

World Cup:
What is happening with the world cup? Let us not even talk about England. FLOPS. Enough said. Brazil and Argentina out, wow I wasn't expecting these South American teams to lose at all - now the world cup is alive, about time too. Be honest: were you expecting that? Brazil were favourites as always throughout the competition. Holland - you just have to give them credit. I feel sorry for Ghana - bad luck. Germany - the conquerors of England, also outplayed and thrashed Argentina. At this rate, I strongly think that it should be Germany and Holland final.

My second year results will be available from Tuesday - wish me luck people. I will let you all know what I got in my next blog entry. I have a busy week ahead - working at the enquiry unit and other things too - oh yeah many weddings to attend.

Once again - good luck to all clearing applicants.

Saturday, 26 June 2010

What a week!

It was a good week for nearly all of us. The new iphone 4 - wait... reception problems when you hold it on your left hand lol. The British weather - people are just loving it, cannot blame them really. Make the most of it whilst it's there people.

World cup:
England are through (finally). You just have to admit they played really well and should have killed off the game early on - a lot of missed chances (lots!!!). I watched the first half only because I had to get ready for additional training, which took place in our Avery Hill campus. Anyways, I did manage to catch up by watching the highlights. I just cannot wait to see Rooney to show a bit of magic in front of goal - he hasn't yet. The game against Germany I would believe is the ideal one for him. I am blogging away and the match is only two hours away - England should win. Ok, Germany has a very good young team compared to England's experienced stars. Now you tell me... who has the edge? My prediction: 2-0 to England - Rooney among the scorers (I just had to say it).
France and Italy out... they were just not good enough. Credit goes to Ghana for beating the Americans - a good match it was. Yeah, just hoping to see more and more good matches from now on.

We (The University of Greenwich) hosted the South East London Higher Education Fair on Monday the 21st. It was a busy day - even though the event was split between two rooms. We generally had hundreds coming through the doors. To start the working day for this event, I had to wake up at 6am - erm... way too early for me. Always look at positives - I am being paid after all. It was an enjoyable experience for me as it was my first higher education fair I have worked in. When I was covering for my colleague for our own stand, I met at least five people who really want to do Accounting and finance (my course) in our university. I gave them advice about the course and other key info too - e.g. how to get around first year, student life etc. I was totally dead when I went home - I just went to sleep.

I am going to be working in the enquiry unit on Tuesday as well as Wednesday next week. More footy, films and chilling with mates throughout that week too.

Monday, 21 June 2010

Another Draw

The world cup is turning out to be pointless for England. Yes... another bitter draw!!! I have to admit they were just awful against Algeria... it is the truth. Every single England player on the pitch was all over the place - there was no desire to win the match. Mr Rooney has not given the team anything yet... I thought he was going to be our star player for this tournament. Everything is going against them at the moment. I just feel sorry for the fans who had paid good money to see them perform you know. Come on Capello, deal with it please!!! England must win against Slovenia convincingly this time just to ease the pressure a bit (a lot of hard work is needed). Please put Joe Cole on the next game - he will show something.

To be honest, the world cup has not lived up to my expectations yet. I was looking forward to a lot of high scoring games, players to be on fire and more really. It has not happened yet. By the way it was nice to see the favourites, Spain, lose their first match against Switzerland. I was watching the match at work at the time. Argentina look like the potential team to win this competition - well that is what I think. Wait... I have to stick with England all the way. They will do well - something will click at the right time.

This week I was working in events - campus visit (Eastbrooke School) and our official open day. The turnout on the open day was massive... it was nice to see family and friends together and having a great time. The atmosphere was great... the weather clearly wasn't on that day! Typical British weather. It is noticeable that people (mostly tourists) just love our Greenwich Maritime campus - if you have not seen our Greenwich campus yet, what you waiting for? I am not joking about with you all... it is a nice area to be in.

The University of Greenwich is hosting the South London Higher Education Fair on the 21st June in our Greenwich campus. Oh boy, I have to wake up so early because we all have to be in the campus for a 7am start. Around 50-60 universities (I think) will be there (including Greenwich of course) to offer advice on courses and on other areas too. So it should be a busy day for us ambassadors.

Monday, 14 June 2010

The Beautiful Game

I was working throughout this week - covering for a full time member of staff at our Greenwich campus (International and Enquiry Unit Office). Normally I deal with enquiries over the phone in our Avery Hill campus. This week I dealt with enquiries... real life questions face to face - I had to be prepared. As it were mostly international queries, I did pick up handy tips on how to deal with some situations from a member of staff... responsible for international queries.
Many questions were raised from international students regarding payments of fees, qualifications and visa applications. The member of staff kept her ears open just in case if I make a mistake - I didn't. It went well as I managed to answer them and they were satisfied. You get this buzz when you are praised with the way you help someone. It happened to me on Thursday whereby a prospective applicant was so happy with the service they received. Considering this - we (ambassadors) attended a transferrable skills session - training, which was prepared for us on Monday. It was highlighted that we all shall exceed expectations... very important indeed.

The world cup is on and it is going okish! ENGLAND have played the Americans and drew!!! It is not all that bad. Yes, you just have to admit that Robert Green made a very bad mistake - headlines made already. The question was asked in my last blog entry - "are they really cursed when it comes to big competitions?" erm... I'll leave that for you to answer now. You have to say that England played really well and because of that howler... it did hit them. I believe that they will go through with the performance they had shown on Saturday. I trust Capello!!!

I really wanted England to give the Americans a good lesson - what do you think people? They call it soccer... their own fans do not even know most of the players on the team. That does say it all for the Americans. You have to hand it to them - they played well and were lucky to be fair to escape with a draw. England deserved better - well that is life!

I am going to be watching more football next week and will be working too.
Thanks for reading!

Monday, 7 June 2010

The World Cup is on Next Week!

Waking up late every day feels so good!!! No alarm clocks... wait my mum is my alarm clock!!! Always wakes me up with all her screaming in my ears. I try my best to ignore it but it is impossible to be honest.

I always have to wake up at 7.00am if I have work (In our Avery Hill campus). Otherwise, I will end up missing the bus in North Greenwich and wait about 15 minutes for the next one. Boy, I need to buy a car ASAP... I recently checked on an insurance quote for myself only and it is not good news... £3200 OUCH!!! It is only third party, fire and theft. This begs the question whether I should cough up that much money on insurance only and spend about £1500 on the car? Nearly all of my mates have suggested including my experienced cousins... I checked the insurance on it and it reduces the quote by £1200. Not bad but it is not going to be beneficial for me in the long run. Erm... guess I will have to think hard about it.

This week I had organised all my paper work - I just could not believe the fact that I had most of the printed handouts from my secondary school and college, which was of no use to me anymore (What a pile it was!!!). When I looked at them, it just brought all the memories you know. It all had to go, so I just put everything in the recycling bin straightaway - I recycle!!! I would highly recommend that you do too.

I have been watching films and Britain's got talent throughout the week just to make time fly. What can I say about the talent witnessed this year? They were wicked ones and some that were just outrageous to be classified as talent as always. Spelbound won it - the gymnast group! I would say that they were worthy winners because their act had everything to be amazed about.

The world cup is on next week... come on ENGLAND!!! Bad news already - our captain injured and out of the world cup. Are they really cursed when it comes to big competitions? Always something happens to them at the start, middle and end of any competition. Anyway, they should do well under Capello. Honestly speaking, I believe they will go far... am I talking too early? I hope not.

I am going to be working five days a week next week in our Greenwich campus. Yep I told you in my last blog entries that I am going to focus on work now.
Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Exams are officially over!!!

My exams are now finished... yes!!! What else can I say? I had worked hard in my revision for more than a month (I really did). I hope that all the hard work I have put in throughout this year does payoff for me. I just cannot believe the fact that my second year has gone so quick (too quick). It just does not sound right to be honest.

Now that all my exams are over, I just want to tell you what happened in my last exam:
Business and Company Law (24th of May) - I had five days worth of revision (The days went ever so quick). In the exam, I had to answer three questions in three hours (Yep... just sitting there and writing away). The first question was an essay question and the other two questions were problem-based questions. I did manage to answer all questions but I am kicking myself for not remembering to include some law cases in my answers. My mind went blank at two or three cases, which I felt necessary to include in my answer. I was glad to finish early... time was flying big time on that day - it was very hot too... the weather!!!.

The day after my last exam, I had work - now that is what I am going to be focusing on for the coming months. Ok, after I had finished work I was just playing about, watching TV and others too. That is what I intend to do also from now on - just chill. I am not thinking about what I have done in the exams - what is done is done. Just going to hope for the best and pray that I do well to go forward.

To sum it up, my studies this year was not easy (no joke) but I have learnt so much in my job too. If I do get into third year, it will be even more tough - one of my course leaders warned all of us about third year. Seriously, I will need to work to the extreme and push myself to the very end.

Until next week... thanks for reading everyone!!!

Monday, 24 May 2010

Just the one left now!!!

My last exam (Business and Company Law) is on the 24th of May. I have to answer three questions in three hours. Yes... I have kept on saying that it is just going to be theory!!! I had five days worth of revision and I just made notes and referred to cases back to back (Using flashcards). I am telling you that it is not easy revising for a course, which is purely based on theory!!! The information I read and wrote down, I found difficult to put into my head (It is the truth).
I had no background in law whatsoever but I was lucky enough to get tips and tricks from my mate who studied law in A-Level - he knows what to do. He has given me advice on how to get around case law and how to apply it into context. See you can depend on mates!!!

So what happened in my previous exam sitting?

Taxation (18th May) - I revised three days straight (an awful lot) for the two compulsory questions and a bit on the optional questions. I managed... yes managed to answer the full five questions in three hours. To be honest, the exam started really well for me as I answered the first two questions in section A within my target time. There were few problems (always are with me), which I had to deal with.

Overall, attending all revision lectures for three of my courses (no revision lecture for business and company law) have helped me so much just to prepare for the exams. Yes... it has been stressful to date and it was bound to be really. Therefore, my advice for you is to be prepared at any cost!!! (You will need to be - trust me).

So what am I going to do once my exams are officially over? - planning to focus on work and I have plans for my friends. Boy... I do need a break!!!

Monday, 17 May 2010

2 down 2 to go

I have taken two of my exams already in the same week. I have managed so far and yet there is another two more waiting for me.

I will break down what happened at the last two exam sittings:

Advanced Financial Accounting (10th May) - I was happy with the exam paper (very rare for my liking). There were only four questions, which I had to answer three only. I thoroughly revised for the three topics I was confident with because I knew from the start that it was coming up. The compulsory question on "balance sheet" and the two optional questions on "income statement" and "ratio analysis" questions were very long indeed (I totally ignored the theory question!!!). I had managed to answer all questions and I believe that I have done really well. It was not easy... especially the last question based on ratio analysis, which took me about one and a half hours to write up (I didn't expect that it would take that long... I was knackered afterwards!!!).

Management Accounting (14th May) - The questions that came up = I revised the same topics alone and with my mates - revision has slightly paid off for us. However, I was under some pressure and it got to me at the wrong moment... my mind started playing up with me while I was writing up the answer (Argh!!!). I know that I have lost significant marks... but hey, I tried my best all the way!!! (That really matters).

I have the taxation exam on Tuesday the 18th - I have revised for the two compulsory questions so far and I have still a lot to go over. Tax is no easy subject (trust me)... there is a lot to learn under income tax, corporation tax and others too. In the exam, we are going to be assessed on different areas on tax - computing on how much tax is payable/repayable by the taxpayer etc. That is why I have to be prepared and hope for the best really.

Better be off and revise for the tax exam. Thanks for reading.

Monday, 10 May 2010

No joke... first exam is 2moro (MONDAY the 10th)!!!

I cannot believe it myself that my exam is tomorrow and I am blogging away in front of my computer. See I am doing this for you lot out there!!!

Ok first question to myself: Am I fully prepared for tomorrow's exam? I am there... believing that I will be ok... do not want to speak too soon (you know what I mean). I have worked so hard with all my coursework for all modules... so why fall at the last minute. I am definitely giving my all tomorrow... if I don't then I will fail the exam - simple (I don't want that!!!). I have told all my mates and my cousins to pray for me... I know that they will - I really depend on them.
This week was just full on revision for tomorrow's exam of course and the second exam, which is on the 14th. Yes, you know me by now - the key word REVISION!!! I kept on saying revision, revision and more revision to nearly all of my blog entries (What else can I write about? - I am a student though). I am paying my tuition fees (tuition fee loan) so I better make an effort to achieve good grades - it is obvious. It will pay off in the end... you watch!!!

When you eventually get to university... you will definitely experience highs and lows of university life so take the chance when something good comes and be prepared for everything!!! That is all I can say to you. I have enjoyed moments at this university to date and I hope that it carries on.

A little word about snooker - What was John Higgins thinking?!!! Taking that bribe was shameful... News of the world has video evidence about it too. I hope that he can clear his name but it has obviously shown a bad name for the sport. Anyways, the final went ahead and it was full of mistakes - bound to happen because each player was under a lot of pressure (It was good!!!).

You all probably have exams too - all I can say is that I wish you all the very best and wish me luck for tomorrow!!!

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

1 more week to go!!!

Ok it is time to look at reality now as my first exam is only a week away. I am trying my very best not to panic because it will be disastrous for me (You wouldn’t want that to happen to you?). I have two tough exams in the first week – it does hurt when you keep mentioning this fact because I have only three days to revise hard for the next exam (We are all feeling the pressure).

This week was just revision, revision and more revision. Attended the revision lectures and tutorials for the three modules... just the one module left which is to be finished next week (WHY???). The revision lectures have been helpful to me because I had realised a lot of work is required for that particular topic and basically what not to expect in the exams.

The attendance in our uni library has increased so much that there isn’t that much space to sit and revise (Believe me... so much people!!!). It is obvious that they all have exams to prepare for as well. Anyways, me and mates decided to come in on Wednesday (usually our uni day off) just to work on past exam questions... it was a laugh too – yep it is true, we were attempting questions with little jokes kicking in... you know what I mean (you need your revision to be lively!!!).

Still watching snooker (Which I mentioned in my last blog entry)... it is getting better and better by the minute. Seriously, as we approach the final I just didn’t expect the finalists to be Graeme Dott v Neil Robertson (It is going to be a good match... hopefully). Both players have done really well - beaten the favourites to reach the finals. When the tournament finishes... I am going to miss it badly - Well then there is the world cup which is approaching fast... that is a plus point (just can’t wait – England should do well under Capello).

So I better carry on with my revision and watch a bit of snooker and football... better work hard just to get the grades I am anticipating for.

Monday, 26 April 2010


First of all, I want to talk to you about snooker:

Oh yes!!! Snooker is on TV again (I am so happy about it :-) just what I needed... I just love it - all that tactical play etc etc. I am serious... Snooker is a relaxing sport to watch and I play it too. I would seriously recommend you to watch it - and yes... I bet most of you will say BORING. Well that is simply not the case!!! I have been watching snooker and doing my revision at the same time... it is the truth (The best of both really). It is just keeping me going.

The first week of the final term was just as I imagined:
Monday was good - went over an exam topic question in tutorial. Ok... when you look at any exam type questions on your own you seem lost... looking into ways to approach the question (starting point? etc). With help from tutors, it does look alright in the end (its true... something just clicks). I have a small seminar class on Mondays... and I like it that way - it is easy for me to talk to my tutor when I am stuck and she always answers my questions. The lecture was good too, covered the last topic of the module.

Worked on Tuesday at the enquiry unit. I generally thought it will be very hard to work and study at the same time (I was wrong). If you work to a timetable then you will be ok... trust me - the extra cash does come in handy.

I had the last in class tax test (VAT test) on Thursday. I did revise for it - mainly on number work but it never appeared on the test, it was just THEORY. Just wondered why it did not come up. I did manage to finish the test - may have lost some marks because I realised silly mistakes after the test. Not all is lost because it is bound to come up again in the May exam. After the test, me and my mate went over to the students union to play pool - just couldn't resist. The lecture was helpful again because we went over a compulsory exam question. Attending revision lectures do help with your exam technique etc.

Friday was equally busy - still learnt additional new topics. It is worrying for all of us now because the exams are coming up (Only two weeks to go). Anyways... you will need to consider it for revision.
That is it for this week... take snooker seriously!!!

Monday, 19 April 2010


Ok... the three-week Easter break has ended!!! Yes, it has gone so quick... no point in making excuses though - that is life! It is now time to act fast and face those dreaded exams in MAY - oh boy... it is just three weeks away. It just has to be done... am I ready and up for it though? erm... not yet!!! Still bits and pieces left to do. Guess I will have to make up more time and sit around my mates... nothing beats that. I have done my very best in managing my revision period - you know going over the topics, which are likely to come up in exams.

What have I done in the last week of my holiday?

Same as last week - I have been carrying on with my revision based on techniques mentioned on my last blog entry. I have done my upmost to keep my revision fun and lively... it had worked out a bit. The theory work let it down badly - I just cannot get around theory (there is always a limiting factor). As I said couple of weeks ago - I am going to memorise nearly all words (key words definitely!!!) and put it into context. The module - Business and Company Law is draining me out completely (JUST THEORY - arrrgh CASES!!!). I was on the lookout on the internet for summarised cases (They are huge!) - Hopefully break them down and memorise key points.

More and more cousins came over!!! Ha ha... it is a holiday though! Had lots of fun with them... especially with their naughty 4-year-old brother. He knows a lot for his age (blimey... lots) and he always wants to play on my PS3 (he is so hooked onto it). He gets what he wants am afraid - if you do not fulfil his demands = face those tantrums. Basically, I had no chance in revising on that day and I did not bother to be honest (I had fun!!!).

Ok... I didn't stay home throughout my holiday (I do get out you know!!!). I went out to my cousins too - a little family gathering. You know... play, eat, play more and eat more those sorts of things. Also, met up with mates - they are busy too like me... with work and all sorts. My family and me attended a wedding too (it was packed out and hectic... very!!!).

That was the final week of my Easter break... hope to carry on with my weekly blogs as all ways.

Monday, 12 April 2010

Just Revising!

The second week of the Easter break - GONE!!! Now one week left now...

So what have I been doing this week? = REVISON and that was it to be honest. It has been tough and I am having fun in between my revision schedule because that's keeping me going... without it, I would be lost and panicking. I just cannot sit for hours reading and writing - does not work for me. You will need something that lightens up your mood (You'll see!!!). I am happy that I have kept my promise towards my revision plan... it is going well so far and I would do my upmost to keep it that way.

My revision so far:

1. Wrote down most definitions/formulas/law cases on flash cards. Does help when you are up and about (trust me). I normally walk across rooms so that it helps me to memorise them. Most people do this!!!
2. Practicing exam questions downloaded from the University portal. Also, revision pack given from one of our tutors, which contains past exam questions too.
3. As I am doing four modules, I have spread the work out which needs attention. So I am not cramming everything in one day - It is impossible.
4. After the Easter break - going to attend revision lectures for all the modules I study which helps greatly.

My cousins came over and it was a laugh to be fair. It was warming too because I haven't seen them in time and I was in the mood to have some company too. They were clearly not a distraction... they undoubtedly knew what situation I am in now. Well... I did have plenty of time to revise and had fun at the same time.

Some people I know (mates = risk takers!!!) usually tend to work the hardest in quiet times = until 3am (Day before exam) and pass them - a rare skill. That is way too risky for me because I do things very early... I just cannot sacrifice my sleep like that (it is precious to me!!!). If I did that... I would definitely fail the exam (it is the truth!!!). That is why I would advise not to even try that because it just isn't worth it - simple.

I have to go now!!! Until next week...

Wednesday, 7 April 2010


So here I am again continuing with my weekly blog entries (even on my Easter break - shows pure dedication).

Yes, the first week of the holiday has just gone by. Yep! I told you... went ever so quick!!! Felt as if it started yesterday... just two more weeks to go now. The first week has been stress free, unbelievably. It amazes me too - watching more TV than ever, playing more on the PS3 and more. I would say it is the last chance to have fun because May is the killer month for all of us in this university = EXAMS!!!

The first week of my holiday:

The working week I call it. I worked at the Enquiry Unit on Monday and Tuesday and worked for an event on Thursday for Mid Kent College. It was a busy week to be honest... on top of that; I had to do this and that (everyday things you know). Did actually start on my revision at the weekends - I have a lot to get through if I am to keep on track. Printed out past exam papers and went through a couple of questions on a compulsory exam question from one of my modules only. It is tough and I am looking for effective ways to get around revision.

Working at the event organised for Mid Kent College on Thursday was pleasing. The event was primarily for the BTEC sports students. It was fun when it came to an interactive PE session with the students. I wanted to take part myself in the mini session but wasn't completely confident because I haven't played sports in years to be precise. It was down to the sports ambassadors (I am not one - just a general one) who controlled the session and did great.

The exam timetables were published this week for the May exams. I didn't realise at the time that they were published. My mate texted me after work and I had to see them for myself and boy... I see that I have two of the toughest exams in the same week. I just knew that it was bound to happen really... so unfair! Why can't it be one exam every week because I am doing four in total? It simply is not the case... you just have take it in because there is no one to complain to. I just have to be prepared for them at any cost.

Better be off now and carry on with my revision... loads to do!!!

Saturday, 27 March 2010

The holiday has just started for us...

The holiday has just started for us... lasting for three weeks not two. Obviously, it is going to go fast but what can you do. The lectures and tutorials are over for now but for me, I have a bit of topics still left to do after the holidays :(.

The first week of holiday = working at the enquiry unit (Monday and Tuesday) and working for another event on Thursday. Therefore, it is a busy week - I cannot see any time to revise for any topics studied so far (maybe at the weekends?). The last 2 weeks are going to be intense...hopefully it does work out for me in my revision plan. Just hoping for the best now because the exams are coming!!!

I had a good day working at the university event prepared for Sandringham School on Wednesday. The event was for the year 9 pupils... it just gave me flashbacks of when I was in year 9 - doing my SATS test. Luckily, for them they don't have to do SATS tests anymore!!! When I was doing the Avery Hill campus tour, some students (the ones at the front especially) asked unnecessary questions about my university life - do I do this and that? I just answered what was relevant you know. Anyway, it was nice to see them happy with their goody bags they got at the end of the event. Seriously!!! No jokes they were so happy with the highlighter pens they received.

At the students union, I played pool (couple of games) with my mate. I am a fan of pool and snooker (do not even try to mention that it is boring!!!) it is not... I can play it really well – only if I am up for it. The students union is a nice place to socialise and I have experienced that so far. I do not drink... my mates don’t too – it is forbidden for us to do so. I just simply go there to play pool, eat their twisty fries (mmm) and hang around with mates – that about it. So, come to the university and experience it yourselves.

This happened in January this year:

I just couldn’t believe the fact that we (my mates included) were playing pool on the day of our SAGE exam (computerised accounts exam – a professional exam). The exam was at 2.00pm, we were playing from 12.00 onwards. But it was ok... no big surprises there. We had practiced a lot for that exam at the library... we just needed to refresh our minds you know!!! It was tiring at that time... just sitting there looking at the computer. It just killed me. It was a professional exam, not a university paper itself. The pass mark is 65% + believe it or not. I hope that with plenty of practice on my side... the turnout should be ok. That was a one off... I would advise you not to do that!!!

That is it for this week... hope you all have a nice break!!!

Monday, 22 March 2010

Football: 1 Revision: 0

Hope everyone had a great Open Day (those who attended of course) which was on 13th March. I hope it gave you an insight into university life. If you have not attended please do!!! There are more across the year. It will make your life easier when picking the right university and course to study. It was helpful in many ways for me when I attended years ago - I met tutors who gave me advice on what to expect really. The course outline was explained to me clearly.

The Easter holiday is fast approaching for all of us. It isn't a proper holiday for me as it is an intense revision holiday for most of us. Yes... I will look into hopefully making up time for enjoyment and stuff but that is not a certainty. I have planned what I am going to do this holiday like over a month ago... = revision revision revision!!! That is only if I can stick to it. I am not the only one out there you know. I know many people that are in the same situation as me right now.

I went to the business school to pick up my (management accounting = essay) coursework on Monday. I read the comments made by the tutor and I was pleased with them. Everything was good apart from my conclusion (that hurts!!!). The comments mentioned that it contradicted my introduction. (Proof read your work - or get someone to read it for you). Yes, I should have added a bit more too but hey… you have to take it on board - that is how you learn. The comments are encouraging and it gives you a sense of how much work is required in order for you to achieve high grades. It also gives me a platform to build on for my third year.

I had work on Tuesday at the Enquiry Unit. Yep!!! Just working and earning £££. When I finished, I just went straight home to revise for the upcoming assessment on Thursday. The day before the assessment - Wednesday = watched Barcelona take on Stuttgart. That was some match... (Shouldn't have done that!!!). I had only about 2 hours revision... that's it.

I took on the in-class assessment for tax on Thursday. Surprisingly the assessment was alright - the ones I had done in the past were even tough (I am not just saying that... it's the truth). Just hoping for the best now... results are going to be out next week.

Saturday, 13 March 2010

My second blog...

I hope I have not bored you from my first ever blog entry… if not read on:

This week had started okayish for me... The tutorial was good as we went through a good question based on preparing company accounts (A key topic in the syllabus). Then, attended a theory-based lecture at 5pm based on international accounting standards, which I am not into (Seriously!!!!). This is purely because there is hardly any number work involved and the best way I found out to get around it is by memorising key definitions (some good advice there). I know that it is definitely going to be assessed in the May exams - it has appeared in past exams too. So, I better get to grips with it now.

As you may know, I have started my revision already to be honest. Not for all my modules though. I just picked out the most challenging module to start off with => TAXATION. This module is tough and needs more time because there are many calculation methods/tax rates to get used to and so on. I have to give credit to my mate who also does Tax with me, given up his time to revise with me in our 3-hour long break. It is actually the best possible way to get forward – REVISE WITH YOUR MATES!!! It is going to be worthwhile – trust me. For me, I find it difficult to revise in a quiet place in our uni library. I tend to revise alone at home (no reason really). Some people prefer to use the library to work but it does not work for me (so choose what is best for you). I try to move away from distractions – the obvious ones - "TV" and all sorts.

Revision can be stressful at times for some of you (you may feel as if it is too much to take in - you are not wrong!!!). I keep telling myself from this point on that I should go at my own pace really. It completely drains me out when I sit down revising for hours on several topics. So try to keep it short and simple if you can - it is more effective that way. Do not revise heavily the day before the exam (that could be disastrous). I will not do that for sure. That can surely decide your fate – whether you have passed your important exams or not.

I received my research essay grade on Thursday, which I was very pleased with (that essay was stressful at times you know). All that hard work has paid off!!! That in a way goes to show - if you work hard (not to the extreme) and plan well ahead with research etc you will obtain high grades. Always follow what your tutors say, I DID THAT!!!

That's it from me this week!!! Hope to be blogging again soon... have a nice weekend everyone:)

Sunday, 7 March 2010

My first ever blog...

I am currently getting to grips with this you know... not having had any experience in blogging. I would say it is a new skill to be honest.

As this is my first ever blog I do not know where to start so I am going to keep it short and simple if possible. So here it goes...

I will mention it again - time's flying big time and exams are fast approaching for all of us. Some of us are already feeling the pressure. I want time to go slow now, but that is impossible. You simply cannot do anything about it. This is the time to act and you know that I hardly take any risks when it comes to these things.

With coursework out of the way :-), it gives me time to prepare a revision timetable for the up and coming exams but the problem is that I hardly stick to it. It is difficult in many ways because there is a lot to get through in a short space of time (if you know what I mean). Nevertheless, I intend to do it this time (hopefully) because I want good grades this year so that it gives me a base for third year. It will need more than that to get these grades - pure dedication is required. Now it is not there but I am picking myself up right now. These past weeks, coursework and assessments have drained me out completely, but that is life. You just have do it and move on.

Working for the University has been rewarding for me so far. I have gained additional skills and have grown in confidence too, which I was previously lacked. Yes, I am earning money but for me that is not important (yes, you heard right). Skills that build up your confidence are significant. Especially for the course I am studying. So, study and work at the same time if you can... it can be beneficial in a variety of ways.

This week I have been attending my lectures and tutorials as always. Learning new topics every week for every single module I am doing for my course. This year, I have the best tutors to be honest. They have been helpful in numerous ways. Giving you guides on what to expect in the future etc. That is why they are there!!! They help you when you are in need. Don't be afraid to approach them, I am serious. I always do when I am stuck with something.

I have mates here old and new who have given me a lot you know and it is essential to give something back to them. There are elders (most who are graduates) in the area I live in who I respect a lot, have also given me a path to follow in order to be successful. So, there are people you can turn to who can provide you with key info.

I hope my first blog entry was good enough for you!!!