Saturday, 26 June 2010

What a week!

It was a good week for nearly all of us. The new iphone 4 - wait... reception problems when you hold it on your left hand lol. The British weather - people are just loving it, cannot blame them really. Make the most of it whilst it's there people.

World cup:
England are through (finally). You just have to admit they played really well and should have killed off the game early on - a lot of missed chances (lots!!!). I watched the first half only because I had to get ready for additional training, which took place in our Avery Hill campus. Anyways, I did manage to catch up by watching the highlights. I just cannot wait to see Rooney to show a bit of magic in front of goal - he hasn't yet. The game against Germany I would believe is the ideal one for him. I am blogging away and the match is only two hours away - England should win. Ok, Germany has a very good young team compared to England's experienced stars. Now you tell me... who has the edge? My prediction: 2-0 to England - Rooney among the scorers (I just had to say it).
France and Italy out... they were just not good enough. Credit goes to Ghana for beating the Americans - a good match it was. Yeah, just hoping to see more and more good matches from now on.

We (The University of Greenwich) hosted the South East London Higher Education Fair on Monday the 21st. It was a busy day - even though the event was split between two rooms. We generally had hundreds coming through the doors. To start the working day for this event, I had to wake up at 6am - erm... way too early for me. Always look at positives - I am being paid after all. It was an enjoyable experience for me as it was my first higher education fair I have worked in. When I was covering for my colleague for our own stand, I met at least five people who really want to do Accounting and finance (my course) in our university. I gave them advice about the course and other key info too - e.g. how to get around first year, student life etc. I was totally dead when I went home - I just went to sleep.

I am going to be working in the enquiry unit on Tuesday as well as Wednesday next week. More footy, films and chilling with mates throughout that week too.

Monday, 21 June 2010

Another Draw

The world cup is turning out to be pointless for England. Yes... another bitter draw!!! I have to admit they were just awful against Algeria... it is the truth. Every single England player on the pitch was all over the place - there was no desire to win the match. Mr Rooney has not given the team anything yet... I thought he was going to be our star player for this tournament. Everything is going against them at the moment. I just feel sorry for the fans who had paid good money to see them perform you know. Come on Capello, deal with it please!!! England must win against Slovenia convincingly this time just to ease the pressure a bit (a lot of hard work is needed). Please put Joe Cole on the next game - he will show something.

To be honest, the world cup has not lived up to my expectations yet. I was looking forward to a lot of high scoring games, players to be on fire and more really. It has not happened yet. By the way it was nice to see the favourites, Spain, lose their first match against Switzerland. I was watching the match at work at the time. Argentina look like the potential team to win this competition - well that is what I think. Wait... I have to stick with England all the way. They will do well - something will click at the right time.

This week I was working in events - campus visit (Eastbrooke School) and our official open day. The turnout on the open day was massive... it was nice to see family and friends together and having a great time. The atmosphere was great... the weather clearly wasn't on that day! Typical British weather. It is noticeable that people (mostly tourists) just love our Greenwich Maritime campus - if you have not seen our Greenwich campus yet, what you waiting for? I am not joking about with you all... it is a nice area to be in.

The University of Greenwich is hosting the South London Higher Education Fair on the 21st June in our Greenwich campus. Oh boy, I have to wake up so early because we all have to be in the campus for a 7am start. Around 50-60 universities (I think) will be there (including Greenwich of course) to offer advice on courses and on other areas too. So it should be a busy day for us ambassadors.

Monday, 14 June 2010

The Beautiful Game

I was working throughout this week - covering for a full time member of staff at our Greenwich campus (International and Enquiry Unit Office). Normally I deal with enquiries over the phone in our Avery Hill campus. This week I dealt with enquiries... real life questions face to face - I had to be prepared. As it were mostly international queries, I did pick up handy tips on how to deal with some situations from a member of staff... responsible for international queries.
Many questions were raised from international students regarding payments of fees, qualifications and visa applications. The member of staff kept her ears open just in case if I make a mistake - I didn't. It went well as I managed to answer them and they were satisfied. You get this buzz when you are praised with the way you help someone. It happened to me on Thursday whereby a prospective applicant was so happy with the service they received. Considering this - we (ambassadors) attended a transferrable skills session - training, which was prepared for us on Monday. It was highlighted that we all shall exceed expectations... very important indeed.

The world cup is on and it is going okish! ENGLAND have played the Americans and drew!!! It is not all that bad. Yes, you just have to admit that Robert Green made a very bad mistake - headlines made already. The question was asked in my last blog entry - "are they really cursed when it comes to big competitions?" erm... I'll leave that for you to answer now. You have to say that England played really well and because of that howler... it did hit them. I believe that they will go through with the performance they had shown on Saturday. I trust Capello!!!

I really wanted England to give the Americans a good lesson - what do you think people? They call it soccer... their own fans do not even know most of the players on the team. That does say it all for the Americans. You have to hand it to them - they played well and were lucky to be fair to escape with a draw. England deserved better - well that is life!

I am going to be watching more football next week and will be working too.
Thanks for reading!

Monday, 7 June 2010

The World Cup is on Next Week!

Waking up late every day feels so good!!! No alarm clocks... wait my mum is my alarm clock!!! Always wakes me up with all her screaming in my ears. I try my best to ignore it but it is impossible to be honest.

I always have to wake up at 7.00am if I have work (In our Avery Hill campus). Otherwise, I will end up missing the bus in North Greenwich and wait about 15 minutes for the next one. Boy, I need to buy a car ASAP... I recently checked on an insurance quote for myself only and it is not good news... £3200 OUCH!!! It is only third party, fire and theft. This begs the question whether I should cough up that much money on insurance only and spend about £1500 on the car? Nearly all of my mates have suggested including my experienced cousins... I checked the insurance on it and it reduces the quote by £1200. Not bad but it is not going to be beneficial for me in the long run. Erm... guess I will have to think hard about it.

This week I had organised all my paper work - I just could not believe the fact that I had most of the printed handouts from my secondary school and college, which was of no use to me anymore (What a pile it was!!!). When I looked at them, it just brought all the memories you know. It all had to go, so I just put everything in the recycling bin straightaway - I recycle!!! I would highly recommend that you do too.

I have been watching films and Britain's got talent throughout the week just to make time fly. What can I say about the talent witnessed this year? They were wicked ones and some that were just outrageous to be classified as talent as always. Spelbound won it - the gymnast group! I would say that they were worthy winners because their act had everything to be amazed about.

The world cup is on next week... come on ENGLAND!!! Bad news already - our captain injured and out of the world cup. Are they really cursed when it comes to big competitions? Always something happens to them at the start, middle and end of any competition. Anyway, they should do well under Capello. Honestly speaking, I believe they will go far... am I talking too early? I hope not.

I am going to be working five days a week next week in our Greenwich campus. Yep I told you in my last blog entries that I am going to focus on work now.
Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Exams are officially over!!!

My exams are now finished... yes!!! What else can I say? I had worked hard in my revision for more than a month (I really did). I hope that all the hard work I have put in throughout this year does payoff for me. I just cannot believe the fact that my second year has gone so quick (too quick). It just does not sound right to be honest.

Now that all my exams are over, I just want to tell you what happened in my last exam:
Business and Company Law (24th of May) - I had five days worth of revision (The days went ever so quick). In the exam, I had to answer three questions in three hours (Yep... just sitting there and writing away). The first question was an essay question and the other two questions were problem-based questions. I did manage to answer all questions but I am kicking myself for not remembering to include some law cases in my answers. My mind went blank at two or three cases, which I felt necessary to include in my answer. I was glad to finish early... time was flying big time on that day - it was very hot too... the weather!!!.

The day after my last exam, I had work - now that is what I am going to be focusing on for the coming months. Ok, after I had finished work I was just playing about, watching TV and others too. That is what I intend to do also from now on - just chill. I am not thinking about what I have done in the exams - what is done is done. Just going to hope for the best and pray that I do well to go forward.

To sum it up, my studies this year was not easy (no joke) but I have learnt so much in my job too. If I do get into third year, it will be even more tough - one of my course leaders warned all of us about third year. Seriously, I will need to work to the extreme and push myself to the very end.

Until next week... thanks for reading everyone!!!