Monday, 25 April 2011

The Final Term!!!

Hope everyone is well and I also hope you all had a good Easter break. We all deserved it... didn't we?

The Easter break was a bit intense because I had managed to go into lethal revision mode. Ha ha!!! I was just practicing past exam questions for SFM and finance only because they are the first two exams. I have also made extra notes and kept my focus on time management which I feel is so important as it is regarded as a crucial exam technique. So far I am happy with what I have done over the break but there is a lot to go through. Well the exams are just around the corner and it is my responsibility to be ready at any cost and have the self belief that I can pull it off.

The exam case study for SFM is coming out tomorrow. I am still hoping to keep to my promise to work on it straight away with my mates. It is going to be a really busy day tomorrow as we also have a revision lecture on Audit starting at 9am (I am not a morning person... oh well!). I certainly cannot believe the fact that my uni life is coming to an end (Well I need to pass my exams first!). Better not think about it too much as it can hit me badly.

The support I had from my course tutors was immense and I am ever so grateful for it. Without their continuous support, I don't think I would be in this position today (I am not just saying that). All you have to do is approach them (don't be afraid not to do so) and talk to them and follow their advice and believe me I still actually do this. If you want a one to one chat - just email them directly so that they can confirm an appointment. Its simple.

Just a bit of advice:

For anyone who is coming into our university starting this September (Newbie!!), just be prepared. That is all I can say to you. Do come in with the attitude that you will do well in all your courses - not just your favourite ones (It is just as important that you show you have a good all round performance too). Remember that university life is not like college anyone. No one will force you to do your work - bear in mind that you are paying fees this time. It is also important in which I suggest for you to come into this university with a sole intention that you will keep yourself motivated at all times. Think about it ... If there is no sign of motivation, you will fall behind (unfortunately, I have experienced it this year... but I have picked myself up at the right time). It can be really tough at times to maintain your motivation but you have to try and then it will pay off eventually.

Thanks for reading as always! I will try my best to ensure I keep you all informed about my exams in due course. Take care!!!

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

My 50th BLOG!!!

I genuinely can't believe that I have done 50 blogs for you all. Well I did say that I wanted to reach this target... and I have done it! I have just got used to it... let's just hope that I can do more until I leave this uni. I have to admit that the past couple of weeks felt as if I haven’t written a blog for ages (I seriously don't know why!).

This Easter break is just flying! The first week just went like that. We all need time to do things and it can be problematic. When you call for it sometimes it smacks you (you all know what I mean... I hope you do!) and there is nothing you can do which irritates me a lot (considering you have a lot on). I know it is hard sometimes but that is reality!

Moving on...

I have been carrying on with my revision alone and popping into uni to revise with my mates. It is going well because we learn from each other and obviously having a laugh at the same time too. What we have been doing lately is going through past exam questions and basically chatting about our own exam techniques. We all have different ways to revise and approaching exams. It is therefore crucial to get it right. I still have a lot to go through and I cannot simply afford to waste any time. I can't take any chances!

I am eagerly waiting what our case study is going to be about this year. Let me explain... my first exam is for Strategic Financial Management and that is based upon a case study which is released 2 weeks prior to the exam. It is therefore coming out on the 26th of this month in which I will have to pick it up in person from the Business School (It's that confidential... lol!). Me and my mates have promised to work on that case study straight away by making notes, gathering more info from other sources etc... we don't want to waste any time. Let's hope it works out that way.

I have received my grade for my Audit report last Friday which I submitted back in February. I was surprised in a good way because I achieved a great mark. The reason why I was surprised was because it was all last minute that coursework. The strain of the third year got to me and that resulted in me taking the "last minute" approach. It has paid off for me. I have to wait for just one more coursework grade and it is for the essay I did for CIMA. That too was last minute but I am not feeling that confident on that one. Well there is one that does your head in.

Anyways people, carry on enjoying your Easter break!!! I'll blog again soon!