Monday, 17 October 2011

Hints and tips! Part 1

Hello everyone... Hope you are all well!!!
Just thought I should write more about the degree programme I studied for three years: BA Accounting and Finance. I will give you information which you may find useful (trust me). Any problems, do not hesitate to get in touch.

1st YEAR:

If you have studied accounting in college (A Levels) then your first year should be simple but please do not be complacent.

The University of Greenwich runs two accountancy related degrees: BA Accounting and Finance along with BA Accounting and Financial Information Systems. For the first year only, students from both programmes will do the same modules. You need to obtain an overall 40% average or more to successfully progress to the 2nd year of your programme. You can also switch courses to progress to the 2nd year only if you obtain an overall grade of 50% or more.

I will use this chance now to comment on each and every module (recalling it from memory... FYI this can change!!!). Starting off with the first year:

Personal and Professional Development:

• 15 credit module (Sept - Jan)

• This course helps you to build on your current skills set. TRANSFERABLE SKILLS. Presentation skills... you will work in a group to deliver a presentation on a topic area.

• Writing essays and learning to use the Harvard referencing system (Very important... if you do not learn it properly = plagiarism enquiry!!!!).

• Learn how to use journals so that you can achieve high grades when you reference correctly.

• Exams: No exams for this module.

Business and Financial Environment:

• 15 credit module (Jan - Apr)

• This module is very much like economics back in college days. However, it is not that difficult as the course will look at the general background as in demand and supply etc.

• It will help to revise these key areas for to do really well in this module.

• Coursework can be essay or report based assignment. I had to do a report on the recession and it was a group assignment (pairs). Therefore, it can be on a relevant topic open for debate.

Cost Accounting in an Ethical and Organisational Context:

• 30 credit module

• This module is the "management accounting" aspect of the course. It is challenging but if have studied this area before then you should be fine. If not, make use of lecturer recommended text books.

• It will help to revise these key areas for yourself to do really well in this module.

• Coursework: essay and portfolio exercises. I had to do an essay alone and it was about corporate social responsibility (CSR). You are likely to get different topic areas to write about. Group presentation on CSR and I was in a group of four at the time.

Quantitative Analysis and Systems:

• 30 credit module

• This is just maths and statistics... believe me. If you are good at maths then you will ACE it. There are bits of A Level maths but if you work from the guidance of your tutor then you will do well.

• You will come across algebra, fractions, correlation coefficient, regression analysis and many more.

• You have to sign up for My Math Lab. An interactive learning environment whereby your tutor will give you "homework" to do. This was helpful because you get the chance to review your progress. If you do not understand anything... consult your tutor.

• Coursework: Report or it can be an essay. I did a report based on statistical information given for a company. As mentioned before for other modules, this can CHANGE!!!

Introduction to Financial Accounting:

• 30 credit module and it was my favourite!!!

• This module is the "financial accounting" aspect of the course. Same as cost accounting and it is challenging.

• You will start off very basic. You will learn how to do double entry bookkeeping and compute basic financial statements (Trial balance, Income Statement and Balance Sheet). This is preparation for a test in November and a January exam. First test is easy and the second is a bit tricky.

• Coursework: It was report and a paired assignment. Consisted of financial ratios (very important) and analysis of two companies.


I will write about yr 2 and yr 3 very soon. Thanks for reading!!!

Monday, 19 September 2011


Hello everyone. Hope everyone is well!!! I know induction has not started yet but I would like to say an official welcome to our new batch of students.

Induction starts on Monday 19th but this depends on your programme. You may have received information through the post sent directly from our schools but if you haven’t then please visit this website: Select the school you belong to and it will list all the courses... just make sure you check your course details carefully. This applies to clearing applicants too. Good preparation is essential.

If you have completed both parts of your registration, please remember to apply for the 18+ Oyster card. Once you apply and pay... the University will confirm your student status and you will receive your card as soon as possible. Make sure you use it because it’s perfect for travel cards as you get 30% off.

Visit our very own fresher’s 2011 website: Check out what sort of events will take place and many more. Enjoy!!! Most importantly, read our blogs too. We will provide more useful information for you all and if there is anything you want us to cover then please compose an email to us and we will respond.

I know that some of you will be excited and some who may feel nervous about your first day. Don’t worry because if you are prepared then it will be ok... trust me. I still remember my first day when I went to my induction session! I was feeling alright to be honest. I met my new class mates and my tutors etc. Basically it’s like your first day in secondary school or college. The induction week is very important for you to realise what the University has to offer regardless of what campus you’re based at. Remember to have questions to hand so that you can address it with your personal tutor. You may also need to do a test (numeracy and literacy) this depends on your course. I know this because I had to do one! Therefore, just revise a bit and you will be fine.

So once again... welcome to the University of Greenwich!!!

Monday, 5 September 2011

Good times!

We all celebrated EID last week and once again it was a memorable one at work and at home too. We all dressed up and it was good... all round smiles! This year, Ramadan was difficult at start but then got easier because we had vast amounts of experience to keep us going. As I mentioned to my colleagues it felt really weird in the morning to actually eat something. But it didn’t stop me to munch big when I got home though. The food was super and it would be good if I could go through it again.

I would like to say a big thank you to my blog boss Uzma who went out and bought me a book called “The Kite Runner” by Khaled Hosseini. The reason why she gave it was because she was appreciative for the blogs I do for you all. To be honest, I haven’t read a book for ages and Uzma is aware of this fact. I have promised her that I will read the book of course and report back to her. I also would like to thank everyone in the Enquiry Unit for supporting me throughout and I am very appreciative to the award they had given me for my valuable contributions I have made to date. Thank you!!!

I must now move on to important information about registration. You may all have received two separate emails about online registration part 1. Your username and password are disclosed on these emails for you to complete this section. Once you complete online registration you will need to come in for registration part 2. Part 2 is where you bring in your documents (Passport and certificates of your qualifications). Please visit this link to see the timetable: Just click on the campus which you are based at to find out their timetable. Any problems, please call us.

Hope this helps.

Monday, 22 August 2011

Enjoy it!!!

Hello everyone! Hope your results worked out the way you wanted... unlocking doors to new opportunities. I just thought I should give you some general advice regardless if you have secured a place for uni this year or not.

If you have made the decision to study at University and that you have secured your place for this year for example, I would say to enjoy every minute of it - course etc. Universities have their very own students union who primarily help students and I would also strongly recommend looking at what they have to offer. University is just not about successfully achieving a degree! It forms a foundation for you to build upon which then leads to employment. There are ways to ensure you stand out from the crowd and one way to do it is by joining in non curriculum activities. Yes it will build up your confidence and will also enhance your student life experience too.

If you have not secured your place for University this year, please don't worry! You definitely should maintain your focus and whichever route you take it will involve determination and hard work. As I have mentioned before in my previous blog entries... there is Clearing available. However, it is getting to the point whereby it is very difficult to say whether it is enough to get in to the course you want. No harm in trying though! Just for future reference, pick a course you will enjoy... you will get more than what you bargain for. Trust me!

If you have made the decision to not go to University then I would say for you to think ahead. Plan out something viable and please do not waste your time in doing so. Employment is the obvious answer but you need to be prepared! Look at apprenticeships and look into the possibility in enrolling to employment related qualification courses. That would help!

All I am say is that you have to make these all important decisions... no one else! You just need self belief that's all. I have seen in changes in me all thanks to the University and the job I am doing at the moment. I was in the same position as you too... I followed advice from all sorts of people and it worked out perfectly! I am just grateful!!!

Hope this helps. Thanks for reading as always!!!

Monday, 8 August 2011

Results out next week!

Hi everyone...

Yes... the A Level results are coming out next week (18th) and it will lead students to make those all important decisions. The results you get will determine whether you have been successful in securing your place for this year. UCAS track will be ever so busy with so many applicants logged in... I am just hoping that it doesn't go down!

Say for example, you miss out on a place on your firm choice due to your results... please do not panic! It isn't over as yet because you still can get into your insurance offer. If that doesn't work out for you then you will have to divert your attention to clearing. We have our very own blogs page solely for clearing. Read our clearing blogs: to get more info. All I can say to you all out there is GOOD LUCK.

Our new team of clearing officers will commence their first day of training next week Monday. Last year was really good when I met my team... it boosted my confidence. I hope it is going to be the same this year. I will have to do my best to help them all the way and address any issues they may have.

You may all be aware about the embarrassment the examining boards faced this year due to mistake in their exam papers. This shouldn't have happened in the first place and question marks are on their quality assurance procedures. My sister who took her A Level exam papers in June highlighted that there were mistakes. I felt bad and started looking at the BBC news website and others too for constant updates. They have all ensured fair marking and they will follow what is necessary. I just hope it works out to be honest.

That is all for this week! Good luck to all applicants for next week.

Monday, 25 July 2011


Hi everyone!

My graduation ceremony took place last week on Friday and it was truly memorable experience to be honest. The Greenwich campus was buzzing and so was I with excitement as there were proud family and friends around supporting all the graduates. The atmosphere was fantastic!!! The weather was a big surprise too as I thought it would be cloudy / rainy but it wasn't... sunny throughout! Our Greenwich campus is well suited to host graduation ceremonies due to its historic and famous buildings... the history speaks for itself!!!

The long black robes (we were wearing) set against our historic buildings (Queen Anne, Queen Mary buildings etc) actually felt as if I was part of a scene from a Harry Potter film... there weren't any wands or broomsticks am afraid. I am really proud in achieving this degree and so are my family and friends. I simply could not have done it without their input. There were so many happy faces on the day itself (especially my parents!!!) and that made me feel even better.

The graduation ceremony marks the end to my undergraduate study. This is surely the foundation which I need to build upon and plan the next stages of my career. As you may all know (from my previous blog entries) I plan to do the ACCA qualification in future and I have researched so much about it and I believe it is going to be the best route for me to take. However, if I can secure a job now in relation to my degree... that would be an absolute bonus!!!
As the graduation week has come to an end, our University is now going to make preparations to welcome our new students for September 2011. Just to get a head start, I would strongly recommend you to make way for our Open Days if you have not done so already. The next available Open Day is scheduled for the 20th August 2011. If you would like more information, please visit

My advice to you all is that do not believe that you must have a definite plan in place as soon as you start university. What you go through in your own life and university life will play a big role on decisions you make. Say for example if you know already that you want to be an "ACCOUNTANT" (perfect choice!!!), University is an option which you may need to look at because possibilities are endless! Our University will support you throughout with opportunities to visit specialised events, chances to look at interesting internships etc. Remember that university can turn out to be an interesting journey to some of you and it is really important to realise your own goals and not get carried away!!!

Thanks for reading everyone!

Monday, 11 July 2011


Hello everyone!!! I generally hope you are all enjoying your summer break despite the weather... typical!!! On a brighter note... my official results came through on Friday and I managed to achieve a 2:1!!! Woo hoo!!! Really pleased with my result purely because of the hard work I had put in throughout the three years at this uni. My family are over the moon!!! As I am the first one in my family to graduate... it makes it even more special!!! So that is it... three years went ever so quick and I will definitely miss this place. The Greenwich campus is super... you just have to visit the place!!!

I am enjoying my break so far and I will enjoy it even more because of my degree classification! I can't wait for my grad ceremony now. Work on the other hand, is hectic but enjoyable and I have the make the most out of it.

The next couple of paragraphs are just general advice which you may find useful!!! I have explained a few points before (previous blog entries) but this is like a refresher:

1. Accounting and Finance is a challenging subject... no question about it. If you have studied accounting in college then you should be fine for your first year. If you have no knowledge behind accounting whatsoever, then you will have to work hard. I would say to carry out additional reading (independently or groups)... that would help. Try to work with committed individuals so that you can work together and address any problems you face.

2. Course lecturers and tutors are there to help you and they will want what is best for you. When you need help... don't be afraid to drop them an email or chat to them face to face. Email is preferred and they will definitely respond!!! This I found very useful as I did this quite often.

3. If you want top grades then I would say to follow what every lecturers say: READ OUTSIDE OF YOUR LECTURE NOTES. You will be provided with a core reading lists for all your modules... make sure you read them. Make sure you read good newspapers too e.g. Financial Times! Yes I know... how boring but it will improve your awareness immensely. Shop around for your core recommended text books. We have our own bookshop and they tend to sell for at a discounted price. Otherwise... Amazon is the best bet for a bargain!!!

4. Remember to keep on top of things... work load, part time work, money!!! If you know that you are going to be in trouble then there are people to help. Your course leader is the perfect person to contact.

5. I generally thought that studying at University will be harder compared to college. It's the other way around. Most people would agree and say A Levels is a very tough qualification to get!!! University can be an enjoyable experience only if you want it to be. Please don't divert your attention to something else. Maintain your focus on studying and you will be fine... trust me!!!

Thanks for reading people.