Monday, 11 July 2011


Hello everyone!!! I generally hope you are all enjoying your summer break despite the weather... typical!!! On a brighter note... my official results came through on Friday and I managed to achieve a 2:1!!! Woo hoo!!! Really pleased with my result purely because of the hard work I had put in throughout the three years at this uni. My family are over the moon!!! As I am the first one in my family to graduate... it makes it even more special!!! So that is it... three years went ever so quick and I will definitely miss this place. The Greenwich campus is super... you just have to visit the place!!!

I am enjoying my break so far and I will enjoy it even more because of my degree classification! I can't wait for my grad ceremony now. Work on the other hand, is hectic but enjoyable and I have the make the most out of it.

The next couple of paragraphs are just general advice which you may find useful!!! I have explained a few points before (previous blog entries) but this is like a refresher:

1. Accounting and Finance is a challenging subject... no question about it. If you have studied accounting in college then you should be fine for your first year. If you have no knowledge behind accounting whatsoever, then you will have to work hard. I would say to carry out additional reading (independently or groups)... that would help. Try to work with committed individuals so that you can work together and address any problems you face.

2. Course lecturers and tutors are there to help you and they will want what is best for you. When you need help... don't be afraid to drop them an email or chat to them face to face. Email is preferred and they will definitely respond!!! This I found very useful as I did this quite often.

3. If you want top grades then I would say to follow what every lecturers say: READ OUTSIDE OF YOUR LECTURE NOTES. You will be provided with a core reading lists for all your modules... make sure you read them. Make sure you read good newspapers too e.g. Financial Times! Yes I know... how boring but it will improve your awareness immensely. Shop around for your core recommended text books. We have our own bookshop and they tend to sell for at a discounted price. Otherwise... Amazon is the best bet for a bargain!!!

4. Remember to keep on top of things... work load, part time work, money!!! If you know that you are going to be in trouble then there are people to help. Your course leader is the perfect person to contact.

5. I generally thought that studying at University will be harder compared to college. It's the other way around. Most people would agree and say A Levels is a very tough qualification to get!!! University can be an enjoyable experience only if you want it to be. Please don't divert your attention to something else. Maintain your focus on studying and you will be fine... trust me!!!

Thanks for reading people.

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