Monday, 27 December 2010

Revision mode!

It is going so well with our new flat as all of our stuff has been unpacked and been put into place as it should be. I am no interior designer but the choice I made on our new curtains is pleasing. Our cousins started coming over day after day and they all love our new place. Why shouldn't they all like it? The area is so quiet compared to our old area and with friendly new neighbours around it is cool.

I didn't get that much time for revision as I had originally hoped for, as there were my little cousins around. You know it is hard and I just gave in and started playing with them. It's hard to control the little ones as they just run around madly and it is more insane when they actually get a chance to drink a bit of Coca Cola. It just drives them nuts!!! It was fun and I enjoyed myself after a long time.

On a serious note... Uni is starting soon and an exam coming up on the 13th. Me and my uni mates decided to meet up in the uni library to revise. It was good as we had a laugh and most importantly got the work done. I must admit I have learnt a lot on the examinable areas that is bound to come up and I know practice makes perfect. I picked up key pointers (exam techniques) from one mate, which I will obviously use. I think we might go in again... should be good. I have mentioned this in my past blogs that you can get the most out of working together in small groups. Try it for yourself.

Broadband, broadband and broadband. We all need it and I just can't cope without it. I am hoping for the engineer to make our phone line active as soon as possible. The appointment is for the 31st of December and I do hope everything goes to plan.

Keep enjoying your break people!

Take care!

Monday, 20 December 2010

Sorry people!!!

I am so sorry for not writing up my weekly blogs as I had a lot to do.

As you all know we are in the process of moving to our new place. It was on Tuesday the 14th when we picked up the new set of keys, signed all the paper work and quickly jetted off to see our home again. We were so happy with our decision to accept the property. Taking into account that we have only 5 days to move in fully we just got down to business.

We were prepared which was an added benefit. One of my mates who lives next to my old property helped me shift most of our packed bags only not furniture... that's for the removal people. My family was so grateful for his contribution. The weather was fine that night but it was later during the week when the snow hit us all again! I still had bit and bobs to move to the new place and I had to drive in the snow... was scary at first because the car skid so much then I gradually got the hang of it. I generally thought the removal people will not take the risk to move our furniture (because of the weather) but they did on Sunday. Yes, the snow did play a big part in this but it didn't stop us from moving in and we did it successfully... believe me. Woo hoo!!!

It felt so nice waking up the next day in our new place because it was the start of our three week Christmas break... added bonus. However, I had a lot to do that day. I phoned up all those 0800, 0845, and 0844 company numbers on my mobile :-( to notify the change of address etc. Good thing was to know everything will be sorted out soon. Having an active phone line was required because we need our broadband soon as. Hoping these big companies will not mess about.

Taking care of all that, we all went to shop for new appliances and gadgets! We had to spend because it's a new place after all!

That was eventful for me and I do hope everyone is having a good break!

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Getting tougher and tougher

Only 1 week left until this term finishes... woo hoo!!! No time to chill as the timetable for the January exam had been published. The exam is on the 13th... not far away! That is the only module I am confident with to be honest... yes the exam will be hard but I anticipate a positive outcome. The rest (modules) are just outrageous. I wish I had the ability the correct the wrongs made in the past... if only!

The strategic financial management report was difficult and it caused me so many problems at times. It was one of the hardest weeks I had experienced in my life... it was just non-stop. Thankfully, it is done and dusted. I know that I have made silly mistakes but it's too late now... better hope for the best. I was so knackered after submitting the work then I just went to sleep.

Now, there are only two assignments left of which both are due in February. I can't wait... yeah right!!! They are going to be equally hard and the workload behind it is just unbearable. I need a break now and again!

This weekend I didn't do much in terms of work but I have been packing. This is because we will be moving within next week hopefully. We have been waiting for more than 6 weeks and we should get the keys on Tuesday! The new place isn't far away from we are living now and it's a great looking flat. Half of our stuff has been packed already which I am so happy about it. You just don't want to panic at the wrong time. So, next week will be tough for me as I will be doing most of the work and so much more. Obviously my cousins will be around me to chip in. It should be eventful and I just cannot wait.

Have a nice week everyone! Thanks for reading as always!

Monday, 6 December 2010

The snow isn't helping!

The snow was great when we were kids (primary schools etc) but I don't like it anymore because of the problems we all face.

Tuesday morning I got up for work and noticed the snow but it was minor in my area. I realised that it was bad when I was on the bus to work... with traffic and all sorts. I did manage to get into work on time but due to the heavy snow, my manager decided to let us go early that day. It was good to be fair because it gave me additional time to finish my finance coursework.

I submitted my finance coursework that very day in fact and it was a roller coaster ride. I just ended up changing figures on Microsoft Excel. Copying and pasting my number work from Excel to Word was a pain (believe me... or even try it yourself). Took me ages to sort it out and I wasn't happy about it. It was meant to be in report format and having completed a few reports in the past... I think that I have done ok (I just followed the same layout). The written part wasn't easy but it had to be done. I hope that I do get a good mark on this report because I worked so hard on it for weeks and it counts for a big chunk of the overall module.

So the finance coursework is done! Now I am doing the report on Inditex for Strategic financial management, which is due next week. This coursework causes students all sorts of problems (tutor commented on last year's students). I know that isn't encouraging news but you do learn from mistakes made from the past. The good thing is that the head lecturer had given us guidance on what to do and even provided us with an example of good work from last year... but on different company (in my opinion that report is fantastic). So, expectations are high and I will have to match that standard required. Not easy but I am trying my best.

So it is another week of intense work and no weekend for me again! Once that report is done, I should get some rest (deserved rest). Then at my own pace, move onto revision for an exam in January. I am clearly not taking any chances. I just want to do well as it is my final year.

I will finish this blog for this week! It is icy outside so be very careful.

Thank you!