Monday, 26 April 2010


First of all, I want to talk to you about snooker:

Oh yes!!! Snooker is on TV again (I am so happy about it :-) just what I needed... I just love it - all that tactical play etc etc. I am serious... Snooker is a relaxing sport to watch and I play it too. I would seriously recommend you to watch it - and yes... I bet most of you will say BORING. Well that is simply not the case!!! I have been watching snooker and doing my revision at the same time... it is the truth (The best of both really). It is just keeping me going.

The first week of the final term was just as I imagined:
Monday was good - went over an exam topic question in tutorial. Ok... when you look at any exam type questions on your own you seem lost... looking into ways to approach the question (starting point? etc). With help from tutors, it does look alright in the end (its true... something just clicks). I have a small seminar class on Mondays... and I like it that way - it is easy for me to talk to my tutor when I am stuck and she always answers my questions. The lecture was good too, covered the last topic of the module.

Worked on Tuesday at the enquiry unit. I generally thought it will be very hard to work and study at the same time (I was wrong). If you work to a timetable then you will be ok... trust me - the extra cash does come in handy.

I had the last in class tax test (VAT test) on Thursday. I did revise for it - mainly on number work but it never appeared on the test, it was just THEORY. Just wondered why it did not come up. I did manage to finish the test - may have lost some marks because I realised silly mistakes after the test. Not all is lost because it is bound to come up again in the May exam. After the test, me and my mate went over to the students union to play pool - just couldn't resist. The lecture was helpful again because we went over a compulsory exam question. Attending revision lectures do help with your exam technique etc.

Friday was equally busy - still learnt additional new topics. It is worrying for all of us now because the exams are coming up (Only two weeks to go). Anyways... you will need to consider it for revision.
That is it for this week... take snooker seriously!!!

Monday, 19 April 2010


Ok... the three-week Easter break has ended!!! Yes, it has gone so quick... no point in making excuses though - that is life! It is now time to act fast and face those dreaded exams in MAY - oh boy... it is just three weeks away. It just has to be done... am I ready and up for it though? erm... not yet!!! Still bits and pieces left to do. Guess I will have to make up more time and sit around my mates... nothing beats that. I have done my very best in managing my revision period - you know going over the topics, which are likely to come up in exams.

What have I done in the last week of my holiday?

Same as last week - I have been carrying on with my revision based on techniques mentioned on my last blog entry. I have done my upmost to keep my revision fun and lively... it had worked out a bit. The theory work let it down badly - I just cannot get around theory (there is always a limiting factor). As I said couple of weeks ago - I am going to memorise nearly all words (key words definitely!!!) and put it into context. The module - Business and Company Law is draining me out completely (JUST THEORY - arrrgh CASES!!!). I was on the lookout on the internet for summarised cases (They are huge!) - Hopefully break them down and memorise key points.

More and more cousins came over!!! Ha ha... it is a holiday though! Had lots of fun with them... especially with their naughty 4-year-old brother. He knows a lot for his age (blimey... lots) and he always wants to play on my PS3 (he is so hooked onto it). He gets what he wants am afraid - if you do not fulfil his demands = face those tantrums. Basically, I had no chance in revising on that day and I did not bother to be honest (I had fun!!!).

Ok... I didn't stay home throughout my holiday (I do get out you know!!!). I went out to my cousins too - a little family gathering. You know... play, eat, play more and eat more those sorts of things. Also, met up with mates - they are busy too like me... with work and all sorts. My family and me attended a wedding too (it was packed out and hectic... very!!!).

That was the final week of my Easter break... hope to carry on with my weekly blogs as all ways.

Monday, 12 April 2010

Just Revising!

The second week of the Easter break - GONE!!! Now one week left now...

So what have I been doing this week? = REVISON and that was it to be honest. It has been tough and I am having fun in between my revision schedule because that's keeping me going... without it, I would be lost and panicking. I just cannot sit for hours reading and writing - does not work for me. You will need something that lightens up your mood (You'll see!!!). I am happy that I have kept my promise towards my revision plan... it is going well so far and I would do my upmost to keep it that way.

My revision so far:

1. Wrote down most definitions/formulas/law cases on flash cards. Does help when you are up and about (trust me). I normally walk across rooms so that it helps me to memorise them. Most people do this!!!
2. Practicing exam questions downloaded from the University portal. Also, revision pack given from one of our tutors, which contains past exam questions too.
3. As I am doing four modules, I have spread the work out which needs attention. So I am not cramming everything in one day - It is impossible.
4. After the Easter break - going to attend revision lectures for all the modules I study which helps greatly.

My cousins came over and it was a laugh to be fair. It was warming too because I haven't seen them in time and I was in the mood to have some company too. They were clearly not a distraction... they undoubtedly knew what situation I am in now. Well... I did have plenty of time to revise and had fun at the same time.

Some people I know (mates = risk takers!!!) usually tend to work the hardest in quiet times = until 3am (Day before exam) and pass them - a rare skill. That is way too risky for me because I do things very early... I just cannot sacrifice my sleep like that (it is precious to me!!!). If I did that... I would definitely fail the exam (it is the truth!!!). That is why I would advise not to even try that because it just isn't worth it - simple.

I have to go now!!! Until next week...

Wednesday, 7 April 2010


So here I am again continuing with my weekly blog entries (even on my Easter break - shows pure dedication).

Yes, the first week of the holiday has just gone by. Yep! I told you... went ever so quick!!! Felt as if it started yesterday... just two more weeks to go now. The first week has been stress free, unbelievably. It amazes me too - watching more TV than ever, playing more on the PS3 and more. I would say it is the last chance to have fun because May is the killer month for all of us in this university = EXAMS!!!

The first week of my holiday:

The working week I call it. I worked at the Enquiry Unit on Monday and Tuesday and worked for an event on Thursday for Mid Kent College. It was a busy week to be honest... on top of that; I had to do this and that (everyday things you know). Did actually start on my revision at the weekends - I have a lot to get through if I am to keep on track. Printed out past exam papers and went through a couple of questions on a compulsory exam question from one of my modules only. It is tough and I am looking for effective ways to get around revision.

Working at the event organised for Mid Kent College on Thursday was pleasing. The event was primarily for the BTEC sports students. It was fun when it came to an interactive PE session with the students. I wanted to take part myself in the mini session but wasn't completely confident because I haven't played sports in years to be precise. It was down to the sports ambassadors (I am not one - just a general one) who controlled the session and did great.

The exam timetables were published this week for the May exams. I didn't realise at the time that they were published. My mate texted me after work and I had to see them for myself and boy... I see that I have two of the toughest exams in the same week. I just knew that it was bound to happen really... so unfair! Why can't it be one exam every week because I am doing four in total? It simply is not the case... you just have take it in because there is no one to complain to. I just have to be prepared for them at any cost.

Better be off now and carry on with my revision... loads to do!!!