Friday, 27 May 2011

It is over!!!

Once again, sorry for the late blog!

My 3 year Accounting and finance degree has officially come to an end (Waiting for the results now!!!). I seriously cannot believe it... another year over and done with! After completing my final exam I just thought to myself "... this is actually it, what am I going to do after this?". I cannot express the hard work I have put in for this course and I hope I do get the classification I want. For me it is difficult to take to take in the fact that there are no more exams or coursework. Relaaaax!!!

This year was difficult, no question about it!!! I have felt the pressure a lot this year because of tight coursework deadlines, revision and exams of course. I knew from the start that third year is going to be a big step up from second year and it was! I did mention a lot about this in my previous blog entries. It is right to say that it is crazy how different university life is from secondary school and college. Yes the independence is a major plus point of student life and generally not having your tutors giving you instructions on what you should do. Fortunately, I am in this position because of my tutors because I had followed their independent advice and other areas too... and I am ever so grateful for their help.

To sum up on my last two exam sittings:

20th May - Audit and Assurance: I had a couple of days to revise for this. I found it difficult in terms of revising because it was just pure theory... nothing else! The exam had six questions whereby I had to answer four only in space of three hours. All in all, I have managed to answer all the questions in time and I do believe it went ok (nothing else to say). The questions looked tough if I may say so but I just went for ones which played to my strengths.

26th May - Current Issues in Management Accounting (CIMA): After the audit exam I rested and then made plans to revise for CIMA. I would say that I had sufficient time to get prepared for CIMA. Yes, THEORY AGAIN - only one topic which was numerical!!! Even though this module is only worth 15 credits, the exam was really difficult. I was surprised. I had to answer three questions out of the five in three hours. I gave it my all that day but I have to say that I am not confident about it! The weather was absolutely terrible. I was totally drenched (even though I had my umbrella!) when I came out of the exam hall.

I have a lot of free time now and I am going to spend it with friends. This is obviously the big advantage of our university life as our academic year finishes earlier than secondary school and college. So I feel a lot of you are still preparing for your exams or you have started already (GCSE/A Level). All I can say is that you maintain your focus and do your best. I was in the same position as you and I just took the advice from family and friends and I gave it my all!

I will be still blogging for you all as I will still remain working for the Enquiry Unit throughout the summer. Yes there will be a lot of stuff going on in between and I hope it goes according to plan.

Once again, I wish everyone who is taking their GCSE/A Level exams good luck!!! Thanks for reading, and don't worry I'll be back soon.

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Just two exams left!!!

Hello everyone! Sorry for the late blog!

This week was intense as I completed my first two exams... one on Tuesday and I just completed one today (Thursday). The amount of work I had put in was just mad to be honest (I am not exaggerating here!). It's a big weight of my shoulders as I considered those two as the "big guns". Basically I am not taking any chances here... I will go straight down to revision for AUDIT as it's the next exam next week on Friday.

Let me go through what happened:

10th May - Strategic Financial Management: This paper was ok to be fair. As you know this paper was based upon a real life case study which I had picked up 2 weeks before. The company was Toyota and the case study reflected the crisis management which they had to face (recalling their cars for safety issues). I was generally pleased with the exam paper but the only problem I had was time... it was flying big time. I managed to answer all questions but I had to rush one part of the answer. The paper had seven questions in total whereby I had to answer just four. The two weeks was just tiring because I had to familiarise with the case study and do further research on it. Hope I do get a good mark!

12th May - Finance: Just after the SFM exam, I was on it with finance. This one was chaotic in terms of revision... it was just nonstop = practicing, practicing and practicing answering past exam questions. I was feeling the pressure!!! I thought two of my favourite topic questions will be coming up on that exam. Unfortunately both didn't even feature (arghhh) which put me right off at start but I moved on. Luckily I did revise my least favourite topics and these were assessed on the day and overall I was happy with my answers. Finance is a challenging course and it is not just about maths!!! I put in a lot of work for finance... let's see if I have pulled it off.

The next exam I have is AUDIT which is on Friday the 20th. I know I have to put in the same level of hard work as I did for SFM and finance. When I finish up on this blog I will take a break and start to make arrangements for it.

I had so much support from family and friends who have wished me well. Thank you all... really appreciate it.

Thanks for reading as always! Will blog again soon!