Monday, 23 August 2010

Results Day! Well Done Team!

That is a nice milestone for me. What else can I say? Blog entries on a week in week out basis... that is not bad.

Moving on...

Blimey what a week it was for us at work:

Main clearing was on Thursday (in other words: A Level results day) and believe me it was a hectic day in which we all smashed last year's record on the total calls we answered. So well done everyone =D. Time was flying big time that day, it was bound to because we were just on the phones all day... nonstop!!!. Anyways, it was another day to remember because for me it is all about the experience you gain from something big. Loved it - the atmosphere was so lively.

I am so happy to be part of an excellent team for clearing this year (the new recruits). They are all lovely people. I am so proud of them because we all have done really well on results day itself. I have to give them extra credit because they have learnt so much in space of three days (wow!). I believe that I have done my bit just to help them fit in and I will carry on showing my support throughout.

People!!! There are places still available for you to apply for through CLEARING. Please do not miss out or you may regret it later. Just have your clearing reference number (CRN) and your personal ID number (PIN) from UCAS to hand and then give us a call. Please visit: [], which has information about clearing (obviously!) and tips/advice on how to apply.

I have to say this. Congratulations to everyone who has secured places this year through clearing. All the very best in your studies. Believe me, you have made the right decision in choosing us. Your three years should be fun!!!

I am in so much pain at this current moment and I am feeling under the weather. Not good at all. When I finish here meaning - this blog, I am going to try to sleep it off. That should help.
Until next time.

Monday, 16 August 2010

Results day on Thursday!!!

I just cannot believe that this is my 24th blog - just one more to reveal the 25th milestone. I am pleased with myself. Well I am doing all of this for you people out there. Once again, credit goes to Richard and my manager who told me to participate in this - exactly 24 weeks ago.

Work is now getting busier - no jokes. Next week (week beginning the 16th) is going to be the busiest to date. That is a fact. Reason being - A Level results day is on the 19th.

All I can say is good luck to everyone who is awaiting A-Level results on Thursday. Just do not worry because you will do fine. Have self-belief (yes... very important!). I was in that position two years ago - I walked in to my college and I was waiting and waiting in a queue just to pick up my results. I opened the envelope and seen my results and realised that I passed my A Levels!!! :-). I rushed home to announce the good news and quickly accepted my place on UCAS TRACK. Easy.

Therefore, for most of you, it will be the same procedure and I do hope it is. If not and you have been put in directly as a UCAS clearing applicant, call us on that day to apply for a course. Our hotline number is so easy to memorise (0800 005 006). Please do read my colleague's blogs too because they are packed with essential information about clearing for you to take advantage of.

Our new recruit of clearing officers will be starting next week (training). There are things that I will need to do in order for them to settle down:

1. Introduce myself (obviously).
2. Get to know everybody's names in my work bay (I am good with names).
3. What else? I need to start thinking quick. It will come when they actually start.

As you all know that it is the month of Ramadan. It is going good so far to be honest. What else can I say? I am committed that's all. Have you all tried to fast at least once?

That is enough for now. Once again, good luck to all of you who are awaiting results on Thursday.

Take care.

Monday, 9 August 2010

It is time to cruise!!!

First, I wanted to say a big thank you to my team leader - Richard for putting up that picture on my last blog entry (He did it without my consent :-( you may remember the cat picture too). The guy (the guy on the picture... of course) does not even look like me, as for the car - it actually brings back memories of BACK TO THE FUTURE films. Come on Rich you can do better than that.

Challenge accepted, Ruks ;)

Anyways, I am a very happy boy indeed. I finally got the keys to my car on Saturday :-) I just could not wait to drive it. I was waiting and waiting and my dad gave the go-ahead and I took it out for a ride at night. Considering I had never driven late night before - I was driving my car for quite some time. Boy... the road was mine and it was a completely different experience (driving the car). It was worth it!!!

My mates do not even know that I have bought my first car... I kept everything in secret. First things first, when I finish up on this blog for you all out there I am going to surprise them. Before I do get carried away, lets end this chat about my car.

It is still clearing people!!! Courses are there for you grab ASAP. We (us bloggers and our enquiry unit team) are advising you to apply quickly because places are filling up at lightning speed (well that is too dramatic - you clearly know what I mean). Please call us (the number is on this paragraph - in bold) if you need help on general queries - we are here and are happy to help. Time is flying for the 2010 session. If you are looking to enrol for our September 2011 intake, please feel free to call us on 0800 005 006 to request a prospectus or otherwise pop in to our Greenwich campus (Queen Mary building - reception) to pick up a copy.

Yep you guessed it - I am working every day next week. Ramadan also starts next week and I believe it is on Wednesday. I just cannot wait... seriously!!! The first day is always the hardest and when you get past the first day, it gets easier honestly (we are experienced you know). I would say for you to fast for a day at least. Trust me it is not that bad.

Until next time, take care people!!!

Monday, 2 August 2010

My First Car

Time is flying everywhere (seriously!) even at work... a big surprise. This holiday period that we all have is nearly finishing :-(. I just cannot think about my next academic year because of what a killer year it is going to turn out for us.

Work has been relatively busy but not that busy (you know what I mean). As I have said before in my previous blogs - I am enjoying my time at work at the moment. I am not having a blast again... my colleagues were very nice to me this week (LOL). There were jokes and more jokes here and there but I did not react that badly (Like I have said before... I am a softy). Just hoping that next week will be the same too - or will it? Time will tell.


Three of my colleagues and myself have been chosen to do a presentation for the newly recruited clearing officers. It is scheduled for the 17th of August - which is going to be the 7th day of Ramadan, I think. I just hope that I will not cry out for a drink of water halfway through the presentation. This presentation should be good and I will to my upmost try to be fully prepared for it. I admit... presentations are still not my strong point. Working for this university has given me a lot, which, I have learnt a great deal from. By doing events and having attended training sessions, I have built up confidence in presentations and other areas too. I do need to work on other areas as well so that I am fully confident in the work I do.

GOOD NEWS!!! My dad has put a deposit on my very first car. I have paid for the insurance and I have to apply for the permits for parking. When that is all done... my uncle is going to pick it up for me by Thursday next week. I am so happy. What else can a boy ask for? I have waited for quite some time for this very moment. I am so grateful to my parents and a great deal of credit goes to my uncle for his hard work in picking out the right car for me. I'll let you all know more on my next blog.

A Rukon Lookalike with his first car! Plush!
Oh yeah... people I watched The Karate Kid with my family and we all thoroughly enjoyed it. I would strongly recommend you all watch it too. I had to give that recommendation.

Until next week!