Saturday, 27 March 2010

The holiday has just started for us...

The holiday has just started for us... lasting for three weeks not two. Obviously, it is going to go fast but what can you do. The lectures and tutorials are over for now but for me, I have a bit of topics still left to do after the holidays :(.

The first week of holiday = working at the enquiry unit (Monday and Tuesday) and working for another event on Thursday. Therefore, it is a busy week - I cannot see any time to revise for any topics studied so far (maybe at the weekends?). The last 2 weeks are going to be intense...hopefully it does work out for me in my revision plan. Just hoping for the best now because the exams are coming!!!

I had a good day working at the university event prepared for Sandringham School on Wednesday. The event was for the year 9 pupils... it just gave me flashbacks of when I was in year 9 - doing my SATS test. Luckily, for them they don't have to do SATS tests anymore!!! When I was doing the Avery Hill campus tour, some students (the ones at the front especially) asked unnecessary questions about my university life - do I do this and that? I just answered what was relevant you know. Anyway, it was nice to see them happy with their goody bags they got at the end of the event. Seriously!!! No jokes they were so happy with the highlighter pens they received.

At the students union, I played pool (couple of games) with my mate. I am a fan of pool and snooker (do not even try to mention that it is boring!!!) it is not... I can play it really well – only if I am up for it. The students union is a nice place to socialise and I have experienced that so far. I do not drink... my mates don’t too – it is forbidden for us to do so. I just simply go there to play pool, eat their twisty fries (mmm) and hang around with mates – that about it. So, come to the university and experience it yourselves.

This happened in January this year:

I just couldn’t believe the fact that we (my mates included) were playing pool on the day of our SAGE exam (computerised accounts exam – a professional exam). The exam was at 2.00pm, we were playing from 12.00 onwards. But it was ok... no big surprises there. We had practiced a lot for that exam at the library... we just needed to refresh our minds you know!!! It was tiring at that time... just sitting there looking at the computer. It just killed me. It was a professional exam, not a university paper itself. The pass mark is 65% + believe it or not. I hope that with plenty of practice on my side... the turnout should be ok. That was a one off... I would advise you not to do that!!!

That is it for this week... hope you all have a nice break!!!

Monday, 22 March 2010

Football: 1 Revision: 0

Hope everyone had a great Open Day (those who attended of course) which was on 13th March. I hope it gave you an insight into university life. If you have not attended please do!!! There are more across the year. It will make your life easier when picking the right university and course to study. It was helpful in many ways for me when I attended years ago - I met tutors who gave me advice on what to expect really. The course outline was explained to me clearly.

The Easter holiday is fast approaching for all of us. It isn't a proper holiday for me as it is an intense revision holiday for most of us. Yes... I will look into hopefully making up time for enjoyment and stuff but that is not a certainty. I have planned what I am going to do this holiday like over a month ago... = revision revision revision!!! That is only if I can stick to it. I am not the only one out there you know. I know many people that are in the same situation as me right now.

I went to the business school to pick up my (management accounting = essay) coursework on Monday. I read the comments made by the tutor and I was pleased with them. Everything was good apart from my conclusion (that hurts!!!). The comments mentioned that it contradicted my introduction. (Proof read your work - or get someone to read it for you). Yes, I should have added a bit more too but hey… you have to take it on board - that is how you learn. The comments are encouraging and it gives you a sense of how much work is required in order for you to achieve high grades. It also gives me a platform to build on for my third year.

I had work on Tuesday at the Enquiry Unit. Yep!!! Just working and earning £££. When I finished, I just went straight home to revise for the upcoming assessment on Thursday. The day before the assessment - Wednesday = watched Barcelona take on Stuttgart. That was some match... (Shouldn't have done that!!!). I had only about 2 hours revision... that's it.

I took on the in-class assessment for tax on Thursday. Surprisingly the assessment was alright - the ones I had done in the past were even tough (I am not just saying that... it's the truth). Just hoping for the best now... results are going to be out next week.

Saturday, 13 March 2010

My second blog...

I hope I have not bored you from my first ever blog entry… if not read on:

This week had started okayish for me... The tutorial was good as we went through a good question based on preparing company accounts (A key topic in the syllabus). Then, attended a theory-based lecture at 5pm based on international accounting standards, which I am not into (Seriously!!!!). This is purely because there is hardly any number work involved and the best way I found out to get around it is by memorising key definitions (some good advice there). I know that it is definitely going to be assessed in the May exams - it has appeared in past exams too. So, I better get to grips with it now.

As you may know, I have started my revision already to be honest. Not for all my modules though. I just picked out the most challenging module to start off with => TAXATION. This module is tough and needs more time because there are many calculation methods/tax rates to get used to and so on. I have to give credit to my mate who also does Tax with me, given up his time to revise with me in our 3-hour long break. It is actually the best possible way to get forward – REVISE WITH YOUR MATES!!! It is going to be worthwhile – trust me. For me, I find it difficult to revise in a quiet place in our uni library. I tend to revise alone at home (no reason really). Some people prefer to use the library to work but it does not work for me (so choose what is best for you). I try to move away from distractions – the obvious ones - "TV" and all sorts.

Revision can be stressful at times for some of you (you may feel as if it is too much to take in - you are not wrong!!!). I keep telling myself from this point on that I should go at my own pace really. It completely drains me out when I sit down revising for hours on several topics. So try to keep it short and simple if you can - it is more effective that way. Do not revise heavily the day before the exam (that could be disastrous). I will not do that for sure. That can surely decide your fate – whether you have passed your important exams or not.

I received my research essay grade on Thursday, which I was very pleased with (that essay was stressful at times you know). All that hard work has paid off!!! That in a way goes to show - if you work hard (not to the extreme) and plan well ahead with research etc you will obtain high grades. Always follow what your tutors say, I DID THAT!!!

That's it from me this week!!! Hope to be blogging again soon... have a nice weekend everyone:)

Sunday, 7 March 2010

My first ever blog...

I am currently getting to grips with this you know... not having had any experience in blogging. I would say it is a new skill to be honest.

As this is my first ever blog I do not know where to start so I am going to keep it short and simple if possible. So here it goes...

I will mention it again - time's flying big time and exams are fast approaching for all of us. Some of us are already feeling the pressure. I want time to go slow now, but that is impossible. You simply cannot do anything about it. This is the time to act and you know that I hardly take any risks when it comes to these things.

With coursework out of the way :-), it gives me time to prepare a revision timetable for the up and coming exams but the problem is that I hardly stick to it. It is difficult in many ways because there is a lot to get through in a short space of time (if you know what I mean). Nevertheless, I intend to do it this time (hopefully) because I want good grades this year so that it gives me a base for third year. It will need more than that to get these grades - pure dedication is required. Now it is not there but I am picking myself up right now. These past weeks, coursework and assessments have drained me out completely, but that is life. You just have do it and move on.

Working for the University has been rewarding for me so far. I have gained additional skills and have grown in confidence too, which I was previously lacked. Yes, I am earning money but for me that is not important (yes, you heard right). Skills that build up your confidence are significant. Especially for the course I am studying. So, study and work at the same time if you can... it can be beneficial in a variety of ways.

This week I have been attending my lectures and tutorials as always. Learning new topics every week for every single module I am doing for my course. This year, I have the best tutors to be honest. They have been helpful in numerous ways. Giving you guides on what to expect in the future etc. That is why they are there!!! They help you when you are in need. Don't be afraid to approach them, I am serious. I always do when I am stuck with something.

I have mates here old and new who have given me a lot you know and it is essential to give something back to them. There are elders (most who are graduates) in the area I live in who I respect a lot, have also given me a path to follow in order to be successful. So, there are people you can turn to who can provide you with key info.

I hope my first blog entry was good enough for you!!!