Monday, 25 July 2011


Hi everyone!

My graduation ceremony took place last week on Friday and it was truly memorable experience to be honest. The Greenwich campus was buzzing and so was I with excitement as there were proud family and friends around supporting all the graduates. The atmosphere was fantastic!!! The weather was a big surprise too as I thought it would be cloudy / rainy but it wasn't... sunny throughout! Our Greenwich campus is well suited to host graduation ceremonies due to its historic and famous buildings... the history speaks for itself!!!

The long black robes (we were wearing) set against our historic buildings (Queen Anne, Queen Mary buildings etc) actually felt as if I was part of a scene from a Harry Potter film... there weren't any wands or broomsticks am afraid. I am really proud in achieving this degree and so are my family and friends. I simply could not have done it without their input. There were so many happy faces on the day itself (especially my parents!!!) and that made me feel even better.

The graduation ceremony marks the end to my undergraduate study. This is surely the foundation which I need to build upon and plan the next stages of my career. As you may all know (from my previous blog entries) I plan to do the ACCA qualification in future and I have researched so much about it and I believe it is going to be the best route for me to take. However, if I can secure a job now in relation to my degree... that would be an absolute bonus!!!
As the graduation week has come to an end, our University is now going to make preparations to welcome our new students for September 2011. Just to get a head start, I would strongly recommend you to make way for our Open Days if you have not done so already. The next available Open Day is scheduled for the 20th August 2011. If you would like more information, please visit

My advice to you all is that do not believe that you must have a definite plan in place as soon as you start university. What you go through in your own life and university life will play a big role on decisions you make. Say for example if you know already that you want to be an "ACCOUNTANT" (perfect choice!!!), University is an option which you may need to look at because possibilities are endless! Our University will support you throughout with opportunities to visit specialised events, chances to look at interesting internships etc. Remember that university can turn out to be an interesting journey to some of you and it is really important to realise your own goals and not get carried away!!!

Thanks for reading everyone!

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