Monday, 8 August 2011

Results out next week!

Hi everyone...

Yes... the A Level results are coming out next week (18th) and it will lead students to make those all important decisions. The results you get will determine whether you have been successful in securing your place for this year. UCAS track will be ever so busy with so many applicants logged in... I am just hoping that it doesn't go down!

Say for example, you miss out on a place on your firm choice due to your results... please do not panic! It isn't over as yet because you still can get into your insurance offer. If that doesn't work out for you then you will have to divert your attention to clearing. We have our very own blogs page solely for clearing. Read our clearing blogs: to get more info. All I can say to you all out there is GOOD LUCK.

Our new team of clearing officers will commence their first day of training next week Monday. Last year was really good when I met my team... it boosted my confidence. I hope it is going to be the same this year. I will have to do my best to help them all the way and address any issues they may have.

You may all be aware about the embarrassment the examining boards faced this year due to mistake in their exam papers. This shouldn't have happened in the first place and question marks are on their quality assurance procedures. My sister who took her A Level exam papers in June highlighted that there were mistakes. I felt bad and started looking at the BBC news website and others too for constant updates. They have all ensured fair marking and they will follow what is necessary. I just hope it works out to be honest.

That is all for this week! Good luck to all applicants for next week.

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